• A trained, professional and effective police force is absolutely necessary for a contemporary free society to function.

    While there are always incidents and situations which make western police departments look bad, the overall performance of the police in the United States is far superior to that in many places around the world. Our police are more accountable, professional and responsive than nearly every other police force in the world. The role of police in our society allows us to live relativity without the immediate and real fear of sudden acts of violence. Regardless of age, race, gender, socioeconomic status the police are required to respond to situations where people may be violating a law. Failure to do so, or preferential treatment to one group or individual occurs but the department can be held accountable in civil and criminal courts. A society that doesn't support the police is a society that often times lives in fear.

  • Most cops take the crap for the bad ones

    There seems to be a general sense of distrust towards police officers. There is absolutely no denying whatsoever that police often do abuse their power and infringe upon our rights. A casual perusal of YouTube will render countless videos of police acting unprofessionally. But is this disproportionate to the vast number of very good cops who want to serve their communities and protect people? Is it like anything else, 90% good and the bad 10% make it unfair for everyone else? Are they under much tighter scrutiny because of their public status, and therefore we notice the bad ones more because people don't seem to like posting videos of helpful encounters with the police? Are is this because there ARE no good videos because there are no good cops?

  • No respect at all.

    I will not call the cops in any situation. I will fight to the last drop and if I got kill or what ever happened I am fine as long as these suckers don't get in my life.
    The high school drop out got no idea what to do so became police. Otherwise they will end up in prison or homeless.

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