Do you support the population that is friendly, hard working, enjoy the natural things in life, those who prefer the simpler things in life?

  • Much Happier Times

    While this is vague--a population that is not materialistic and can be satisfied by very simple things. This is often better as it means they are not constantly seeking new and unattainable things. They can be satisfied by the things they observe around them and the other people that they cooexist with.

  • Yes, I support those who prefer the simpler things in life.

    In my opinion, there is not much of a question here. How could one not support those who find pleasure in the sample and natural things life has to offer as opposed to overspending and over-complicating in order to be spoiled and entertained. Anyone who can see the beauty of life in its simplest form has my vote.

  • People should have the power to create a society they feel comfortable in

    Yes, a friendly population which is hard-working and based upon enjoying the simpler things in life should be supported as a valid way of life. It takes all kinds of people and societies to make the world go 'round. Even though this sounds cliche, an organic lifestyle is healthy and natural. Not everyone wants to live with tech all day long. Many people nowadays are hostile and driven by greed for wealth. We have witnesses extreme acts of terrorism internationally because people cannot set aside their differences.. If society continues with this wave of fear and violence, humanity cannot flourish. Families cannot grow in an aggressive environment. People want quality of life, and they should be able to live in the manner they lawfully choose.

  • Downsizing is a good thing

    I have taken leave from a large corporate company and I am now living a simpler life with less stress. There is no need to have huge houses, expensive cars, name brand clothes, watches and purses. Life is so much more than that. I have always been frugal so the transition was not hard. Everyone needs to examine their own lives to see whether they are truly living their best life. Simplicity is truly the key.

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