• It is my personal belief that people who want to should have the right to die.

    It is my personal belief that people who want to should have
    the right to die. I think that this is
    different from murder. People with
    terminal illnesses may find some peace and happiness in the ability to have
    someone else help them to end their lives.
    I think this should be legal.

  • Yes sometimes it is right

    I support the right to choose to die if you are already dying and in pain. I do not support someone who is young and healthy committing suicide. If a person is terminally ill and is in a lot of pain I do think they should have the right to choose to end their life.

  • For cases where there is no cure only.

    I am in full and complete support of the right to die, provided it's due to someone not wanting to suffer a prolonged, painful death due to a terminal disease. We need to be very specific on that, because for other things I don't think suicide should be an allowable option when it's more of a mental health issue.

  • Death With Dignity

    Although stringent guidelines must be applied, I support the right of any sane person to decide the criteria by which they have the right to die with dignity. Whether it be a terminal illness, living in agonizing pain or a horrible quality of life brought on by an incurable disease, patients have the right to die when they so choose. No one wants to "live" in a persistent vegetative state for decades before dying. No one wants to slowly degrade with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's for 10 years while the body and mind waste away to nothingness.

  • Yes I Do

    I believe people who are terminally ill should have the right to die. I believe it is a personally decision and one that should be addressed with the individuals physician. If there is no hope for recovery, I see no reason why the person should have to live a few more days in complete agony.

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