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  • The War on Drugs is ineffective and only fuels the drug trade.

    Drugs have become even more lucrative because of its illegality and the War on Drugs, which causes drugs to become a high-valued commodity. This gives an incentive for criminal organizations to smuggle drugs to the United States, where demand is very high. Also, many kilos of drugs are still smuggled into the US daily, as shown by the nationwide drug epidemic. This proves how ineffective the War on Drugs is, and at this point, it's a waste of taxpayer money.

  • Drugs are bad

    Drugs are bad for you they can do bad things to you they hurt you they eat you they steal your life from you they haunt you they taunt you they wiggle into your mouth like bananas they will kill you they want you they dont let you stop doing drugs

  • Same reason why i don't support gun control

    We learned nothing from the prohibition. Where there is a demand there will ALWAYS be a supply. In some cases we must still keep the goods and services that are in demand illegal because they are wrong. For example abortion shouldn't be legal because it is wrong. Prostitution is also pretty bad. Drugs like meth and cocaine should be illegal because they are dangerous and harmful to society as a whole. But drugs like weed should be legalized, the war on drugs is not effective and wastes a ton of money. Maybe the government could pay off some of our debt if they taxed those dumb-ass junkies for weed purchases. Stuff like weed, tobacco, and alcohol are bad for you but people are stupid and get addicted. These drugs aren't evil though and neither are guns. It would be best to legalize them but have age limits and taxes. Sorry if i rambled.

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