Do you support tighter firearms restrictions after the Parkland school shooting?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Are you kidding me

    You 10000% meed tighter restrictions!! If a 17 year old can get ahold of a gun without identification, what are we doing. People need to have extensive background checks before owning a gun. Mental health records, any charges, any tickets. Just because the parkland shooter was a child, do NOT blame him killing 17 on his mental health. It is because he was able to get a firearm.

  • Ban semi-automatic rifles

    I have always supported banning civilian use of military-style rifles. A recent poll shows that 70 percent of Americans support tighter restrictions on firearms. That's the highest I've ever seen. In order to curb mass shootings, to start off we must prevent the most dangerous weapons from getting into the wrong hands, and that entails prohibiting the average civilian who is not in law enforcement or the armed forces from owning a military-style rifle that has a rapid rate of fire. And our government must also address the mental aspect; if there is no law against it, we must prohibit individuals with a history of mental illness, domestic violence, etc. from purchasing a firearm. That was a mistake we made with Seung-Hui Cho, the perpetrator in the Virginia Tech massacre and with Jennifer San Marco, the shooter in the Goleta Post Office murders. Despite their history of mental instability, both were able to purchase handguns.

  • The main issue

    Ok, so I definitely agree that the FBI, and police departments did not do their job, or follow correct protocol. But, there is no reason anyone would ever even need a automatic, or even a semi-automatic. People argue that we have the right to bear arms, well why do we need to have that specific type of firearms. People say that in the instance of a robbery or break-in a semi automatic will be useful but a handgun or pistol would be just as fine. If we can restrict it more, it won’t be so easily attainable for people with bad intentions. Sure, they will be able to get it off of the black market or from others, but if we can cut off the one, controllable, easiest access, market for those, we are forcing them to get creative. It’s not just gonna be as simple any more. It won’t completely shut it all down, but it will save some lies.

  • No Guns = No Problems

    There is no legitimatize reason for someone to own a semi-automatic rifle unless they are a police or in the military. There is no need for an average citizen to own a weapon capable of wiping out an entire room of people. The sooner people realize this, the safer America will be. Other nations restrict their citizens on the purchasing of guns, why can't we?

  • "tighter firearm restrictions" to the people who have access to them.

    More efforts to crack down on illegal methods and stronger enforcement against licensing people considered mentally unstable should provide some reduction in crimes committed, however likely not a strong enough policy to put a massive stop to mass shootings. Trying to guns would need a stronger political backing that isn't available in the modern times and trying to do so will likely result in more people going into pointless debates that will result in nothing being done at all. We should be focusing on universal healthcare, child-provision centers, public infrastructure, social safety net, better funded public education, and many other policies that will likely result in less crime overall. While I agree on producing more consensual crackdown on the amount of guns in the USA, trying to provide legal actions that ban manufacturers and sellers will just raise unrest and accomplish nothing because it won't pass.

  • No Guns = No Problems

    There is no legitimatize reason for someone to own a semi-automatic rifle unless they are a police or in the military. There is no need for an average citizen to own a weapon capable of wiping out an entire room of people. The sooner people realize this, the safer America will be. Other nations restrict their citizens on the purchasing of guns, why can't we?

  • For banning of scary looking weapons

    Using an argument from an opposer, children who want to scare peoplebefore killing them want the AR15. They know it is scary looking, they "go out" like a man in their eyes. If you can basically get the same weapon in another form then why does it have to be scary looking. There is a reason the shooters prefer this weapon it is because it is scary looking.
    And to the third argument I am reading, yes we should be able to trust fellow human beings, but we know we cannot trust them all. So we need to install tougher background checks and ban sales of weapons at gun shows without background checks. If they can be trusted then they should be willing to have a comprehensive background check.

  • How about the FBI does their job

    Banning semi automatic weapons would not change anything. An AR15 has the same “semi auto” features as a Ruger Mini 14. Both are semi automatic, have a detachable magazine, and fire a .223 round. The only difference is that one looks “scary.” As for raising the age to purchase a long rifle, this is not a good idea. When someone is 18 they are considered a legal adult, they can drive cars, vote, and serve their country. If someone is entrusted with all of those, they should also be allowed to purchase a long gun. As for Parkland, the FBI in my opinion did not do their due diligence. There were many warning signs and many other signals that should have caused the FBI to act, and they did not. Guns are not the problem, it is the society that we live in.

  • No if you

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  • Not even a small percent.

    Here we go again! Blaming the guns for the problem! It was the carelessness of witnesses and much evidence that should have prevented Nikolas Cruz from obtaining a gun! So many red flags, but because of some dumb Florida rules, they said it was NOT enough to stop him. The reason these crazy school shootings happen is because of when people hear these psychos talking about shooting up the school, they stayed quiet and did absolutely NOTHING to warn the school or others. When some demented person says they're going to shoot up the school, or show attraction towards other school shooters, that's a red flag, say something, don't sit there like a idiot and act like its nothing. The gun is not the problem, its people keeping their mouth shut, plain and simple.

  • Guns and Good People

    Believe it or not in many cases of mass-shootings, when responsible, good minded people are armed, the shooting has a much higher chance of being stopped. It has been seen in many cases that an armed civilian kills a gunman before matters get worse. I don't fully believe arming all teachers is a great idea, but the idea of allowing previously trained and responsible gun owning staff members to conceal carry on campus just as they would at the supermarket, it could be a step in the better direction for the kids safety.

  • Why is this still happening if these gun laws from the past 8 years are still in effect

    First off, any weapon could kill, from a long spear to an ar 15, they may kill different amounts, but death in general is bad, but insisting that the weapon is the reason is simply flawed logic, and this is the case for three main reasons. Reason 1, Criminals do not care if they break the law, if a determined person has a goal, they will find a way to complete it, automatic weapons were illegal in paris, but that didn't stop a group of muslim terrorists from getting them with tragic results. The moral of the story is that criminals and maniacs do nit care if the weapon is illegal, so no gun law will deter or stop them. Reason #2, what is an assault weapon. The media loves to call scary looking guns assault weapons, but they forget one thing, their preverbal punching bag the AR-15 is actually a civillian semi automatic variant of the m16, AKA, a competitive Rifle, and while a quick trigger finger can make it fire quickly, it will never unless illegal modified, fire as fast as an actual assault weapon. The moral of this story, in the end of the day its more of the shooter than the gun. And finally, this is still happening, even after all of this gun control regulation has been passed, so if taking away the so called assault weapons is somehow working then why are so many illegally modded ones appearing, the answer is simple, there is no way to prevent gun violence on schools with legislation. The real way to do so is by having more school resource officers (Police Officers on school campuses) to serve as protectors. These chosen few, between 3-5 could both have training that teachers do not have, and be an effective counter to school shooters.

  • Such regulations will be ineffective due to lack of enforcement.

    Before he committed the act, Nicholas Cruz was reported dozens of times to the to local and federal law enforcement officials for suspicious and potentially dangerous behaviour on social media. What did law enforcement do? Nothing. Didn't go to his house and take his guns, didn't investigate him, and didn't even question him and his relatives. In the act, 4 deputies arrived on the scene of Parkland, and didn't even try to go in the building and stop Nicholas in the act because they were cowards.

    If law enforcement doesn't do its job and enforce the laws of the land, then what is the point of making new laws? The only people such laws would affect are law-abiding gun owners who have absolutely no relation to criminal shooters an have absolutely no reason to have their 2nd amendment rights unnecessarily restricted.

  • No dont take our guns

    You cant take american citizens "we the peoples" guns because we will be defenseless against the goverment then the govenment will spiral out of control like all these other countries and stary killing us. I have nothing else to say on this topic but we cant let the government take our guns

  • No we don't

    How bout the police and fbi start doing their job , restricting firearms would only make the problem worse, and a most deaths from AR's are from criminals and not innocents, just because of one school shooting doesn't mean we need restrictions, people only started caring after one shooting what bout all the others?

  • It would only hurt potential heroes

    Look at Sutherland springs, A man with an AR-15 shot back at the shooter and helped the police chase him down. If put the blame on guns itself, then you are neglecting the all the lives saved by heroes who put their lives on line by using their own guns to fight back.

  • In the end we depend on individuals.

    If humanity can only be trusted once it has been chained to the ground, then what can we expect from the future? We can be so much more than what we are. We as individual people should be able to learn how to use our freedom and power in right and magnificent ways. But if we allow our fear to bind us, to compel us by force rather than reason, so much longer will it be before we learn to fly.

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Leaning says2018-02-28T11:14:19.097
I am reminded of a book I read many years ago though I have forgotten it's name, author, and much of it's plot. In the book robots have taken over the world and wish to protect humans. Humans are prevented from any activity that could be remotely dangerous. Is such a caged life human?

Humans have always had the ability to harm one another. Of course guns make that easier, but we have always had the power. Now more than ever the knowledge is there on the internet, in books for people who truly desire it, to find or create items of far more damage than a gun.

There were times in older days when swords were one of the most dangerous weapons a man could own. In some cities or countries swords were banned, deemed too dangerous. But people always have access to items that can kill or maim. This example of swords merely goes to show how people let fear get the better of them. They bind and condemn humanity to their perceived image of him as a base creature who cannot be trusted.

Humanity cannot grow if we do not learn how to use our abilities and power.
ladiesman says2018-03-01T21:43:42.147
The National Rifle Association should be leading this instead of fighting it. If they want to protect the people they are attempting to protect and have guns be in the hands of law-abiding and responsible citizens, they should do what they can to stop these dangerous semi-automatic and automatic rifles from falling into the hands of people who are causing mass casualties.
Leaning says2018-03-02T12:42:03.997
Even if we banned everything but revolvers and shotguns, you would still be saying we should ban revolvers and shotguns. And if we banned all guns, you would be one of those people making up absurd laws about knives.

Was he up in a tower picking people off with a rifle, or was he wandering school halls at relatively close quarters?

We cannot remain a free country and use the law to ban everything remotely dangerous, to monitor our people with big brother mentality, taking away their ability to breathe freely knowing they are Kings and Queens of their own castles, masters of their own fate. You expand the laws too far and we will lose our freedoms.
Debating_Horse says2018-07-11T20:37:01.947
Yeah its not gonna work buddy, because another psycho shot up a school doesn't mean to put the "gun control" and "ban the AR-15" cards down.