Do you support universal helmet laws regarding motorcycles?

Asked by: Zdog14
  • Helmet Laws should be in place.

    It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Young people (and some older people) feel like they are invincible, and if this is not a law, people will drive recklessly and get hurt. Death and injury rates will increase tremendously. It is just an overall safer idea to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

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  • I'll make my own choices about safety

    The government should not be able to control if a person should wear a helmet or not. I believe it is the individuals choice to wear or not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. As a current motorcycle rider, I personally wear a half-helmet when riding but hey, it's everyones personal choice. And would it really make that much if a difference if your wearing one or not if you were to get in an accident? Your internal organs would be screwed anyways.

  • People have a right to take risks.

    It's not the government's place to tell anyone what style of hat to wear. I agree that it is dangerous to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but the law exists to prevent me from endangering others. If I have assessed the situation and decided that the best thing for me to do is to ride without a helmet, it should be my prerogative to endanger myself in that way. There are many good ideas out there that would be beneficial if everyone adopted them, but it is not right to force adoption of these ideas on people who don't want to follow them.

  • As long as the riders have proper insurance and an age limit is set for riding without a helmet I don't have a problem.

    My state North Carolina proposed this last year of going away with the universal helmet law where everyone has to where a helmet on motorcycles. In the bill proposal every rider under 18 would continue to have to wear a helmet and those aged 18 or older would have to have proof of insurance no less then $10,000 in which in my opinion is way to low if anything they should allow riders aged 18 and up to ride without helmets as long as they have proper insurance. I understand that deaths and injuries will more then likely increase although I would recommend wearing a helmet I would support giving people the freedom to choose otherwise as in other states

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chiquita says2014-05-18T05:37:22.497
I have attempted to post the following response to an Opinion poll three times, with no success:

Wear your seatbelt...But leave the helmet at home????
Most states have seatbelt laws (all but New Hampshire, to the best of my understanding). We recognize this is to save lives in the event of an accident. Riding a motorcycle is much riskier than riding in a car or other enclosed vehicle. Of course, anyone who rides a motorcycle (myself included) knows this, and is willing to accept that risk. We accept the limitations to our freedoms with regard to seatbelt use; should we do any less with regard to the use of motorcycle helmets?? As someone who pays both health insurance and auto insurance premiums, I am in favor of taking steps to reduce the risk of injury and/or death, which will help keep costs (a little) more manageable . . . Not to mention, save countless lives!