• Belief in God is valid, belief in the religions of men is not.

    I believe in the big bang theory, however I find it difficult to believe as most atheists do that the big bang came about as the result of a random walk or the spontaneous generation of neutrinos that were compacted to the point of the explosion that created our universe. Spontaneous generation theory was abandoned long ago by Biologists. The idea that existence even if it is only a hologram as modern physics suggests can hardly be mathematically defended as a random walk. Our universe is only a finite part of the infinite universe that surrounds us. I can certainly empathize with the discounting of modern religious beliefs as valid however I cannot discount the idea that the existence of a creator is invalid. In other words the existence of an infinite creator is beyond the finite understanding of most humans. I have yet to discover a religion that exists today which has not been perverted by men seeking to gain prestige by adding their misguided ideas or interpretations to them.

  • God will always love us

    God loves us because of when He sent His only son Jesus Christ down to Earth to be crucified in order to protect us and stop all sins. Gods love was shown to us through Jesus Christ. This means God has already stopped sins but they evil still happen in the world. God loves us because he watches over us and helps guide us at our own freewill. Also why would God create us if He didn’t love us?

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

    Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  • The word of God

    For sure I know God loves you but he gave us free will. As we go outside of what God has planned for us sometimes we get hurt but that's not Gods fault. God is just like a parent, sometimes we have to learn on our own, but he never stops loving us. If he didn't love us do you think he would have sent HIS SON???

  • Too many people make excuses for what they don't know about God and hinder the answer to the real question.

    God is and is what He says. You cannot know the mind of God for the Bible says so. Therefor, one must accept by faith what He says. Faith is belief that good will come from anything and everything that happens ( even though those very things may be terrible). Doubt is belief that bad or negative will be the end result. It says nowhere in Gods' Word that God helps those who helps themselves in plain language but the theme runs throughout the Bible. People interpret God through human understanding, which doesn't apply to Him. So then they have an idol- a false god they have created and which bears no resemblance to God....And naturally they are disappointed. Then they make excuses for god or blame God.
    I don't understand God but I won't make up excuses for Him. The most ignorant excuse I've heard is that sometimes Gods' answer is no answer. No answer is not an answer, it's no answer.
    God has said he cares. As someone of greater faith than me nce said, "God said it, I believe it, that settles it".

  • We wouldn't be here if God didn't love us!!

    God made us all as social beings. We were put on this earth to express His love through ourselves alone. Throughout time, many miraculous events have taken place. Astonishing things. Things the whole human race together could never even attempt to do. One of my teachers, as a teenager, claimed that he was almost ran over by a truck that was oncoming right behind. He could've died. However, by the grace of God, he was amazingly "carried just out of the way, to the curb" by his guardian angel. God gave us all a guardian angel because He believes we all are more important than the entire universe. So, my answer to the question, is yes, God loves us. :)

  • Yes he loves US

    God loves us. If he didn't love us our world, would be all desert and no water. So to the people who say well I don't believe in God, well you've got another thing coming to you. If God wasn't there you wouldn't be here ,our beautiful world wouldn't be here and just think ,I know everybody has those close calls where they say wow that was close. Maybe you almost got in a car accident but that was God who saved you. So I say God loves us all.

  • Of course He does

    Assuming the Judeo-Christian God, yes. That is a fundamental belief of all the world's religions. If He hated us, surely, we would all be dead. If He hated us, surely, we would all be tortured for all eternity. The LORD merely destroys the beings which He Judges to be unworthy. If He was indifferent, why would He continue to maintain humanity? If He created all to merely understand Himself, and humans merely to replace the defected angels, then He would not spend so much time with us. You can feel His love around us, and in His works.

  • I'm Flesh on earth

    God is so the man. If I didn't or couldn't understand him I would be lost. I'm just spirit in the flesh. I am heart in the flesh I'm soul in the flesh. Im character in the flesh But all in all I'm God in the Flesh on Earth, being of seed

  • of course he does

    If he didnt love us then why did he create us? When women give birth they love their child its just the same as god if he didnt love us then why isn't there bad stuff happening everyday people who say he doesn't just dont think properly he has control of everything so why doesnt he just starve us all he can do anything he wants to harm us but he doesnt he teaches us lessons but he doesnt go overboard now does he?

  • Yes, God actually loves us!!

    He allows us to make our own decisions! He has given us a set of rules to follow - through His word, The Bible. We have the freedom to choose whatever we want to follow. There are consequences if we do not choose right. So whatever happens after we make our choices...are what we deserve! We do not have to kill a rooster or chicken and drink it's blood, we don't have to cut ourselves as a living sacrifice or pierce any part of our bodies..etc...etc...etc. There is a right and a wrong and if you choose in trouble! And to top it all up...He gives us an opportunity to seek forgiveness for our wrong choices...if we don't ask for forgiveness...we in big trouble if we die before forgiveness! would you do that? If that's not love...what is!!!!

  • Because as far as I am concerned, I have seen no one happy who believed in God and has worshiped him for more than half a day.

    I would like to explain my own experience. Three years ago I participated in world Sudoku championship. I got a good score in the entry level test, but when the organizers ringed me, my mobile was with my father and the one who called spoke in English. My father is not good at English, but somehow I got the exam center. On the exam day itself, God has taken away my grandfather.

    Posted by: ladadyak
  • He created Satan.

    It is actually really simple. God knows everything so he knew Satan would betray him, and He created Satan for the specific purpose of disobeying him because God made everything His way. So God created Satan to be evil. Satan then in turn caused man to be evil which is why we have suffering today.

  • No.

    Wars. Poverty. Disease. Hunger. Natural disasters. All of the other evils of the world...Pretty obvious that if he does exists, he, at the very least, doesn't give a crap.

  • No, I do not think God loves anyone in particular. I think he merely tolerates most of us.

    God brings rain on both the wicked and the good. God does not love anybody nor hate anybody. He merely treats us all as equals. To believe that God would love someone would also imply that he hates others as well. For some, God's rain can bring destruction and seem like a punishment for our sins. For others, rain can be a sign of spring showers and good crops to come. God is beyond love and hate.

    Posted by: Sk8brdrCar
  • I do not believe in God so I'm going to answer no to this question.

    I find it abhorrent that religions view this life as a vale of tears, merely a test to determine one's position in the afterlife for all eternity. I also find it extremely hard to believe that a being that is so incredibly powerful as to create this world, would condemn a perfectly virtuous and moral person to eternal damnation because they refused to be his personal cheerleader.

    Posted by: AboriginalKing28
  • If the Biblical God existed, he would be malevolent.

    If my earthly father decided it was his right to torture me if I didn't love him back, no one would call him a good and moral person. So why would a god who's supposed to be infinitely moral get away with it on a far larger scale? How can I love or be loved by a being that would torture me for mere disobedience?

    Posted by: Pazu
  • No.

    "If god exists, I hope he has a good excuse." -Woody Allen.

    An all loving and all powerful god should be able to do better than this...Millions of people starving, sending people to hell to suffer for eternity. If you think 'god' is loving, I think you're delusional.

    Posted by: LeoL
  • Where do I start?

    First of all, he punishes you to eternal suffering if you don't submit to him. Secondly, he created an evil being. Why did God create Lucifer? Did he not know Lucifer was going to turn evil? Doesn't that make God not omniscient?

  • I do not believe in God, so therefore, I do not think about God loves us.

    I would not agree with the statement that God actually loves us. First of all, I am an atheist. Secondly, how can you say that an all powerful and all loving God allows something like that of Hurricane Katrina to occur without any intervention to protect those who worship and love him. If you love someone, you will not allow them to be harmed to the utmost of your abilities. That is true love. If anyone with the slightest of morals could have stopped Hurricane Katrina (or any other terrifying disaster) to save a loved one, they absolutely would have. Think about the definition of love and then think about the natural disasters and terrible things that an omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipotent being allows to happen to innocent people who worship him/her.

  • God doesn't exist.

    Anyone who believes this fairy tale is utterly insane and can't face reality. This is very sad. People believe that the son of god, who was birthed by a virgin woman, was killed, then was resurrected; yet they don't believe the theory of evolution, for which there is plenty of proof. There is, never was, and never will be an ounce of proof for the existence of god. The only proof people can muster is "I know he exists" and "god works in mysterious ways." That's not proof, that inability to provide proof and covering it up with a statement that can't be refuted. And, don't ask me to prove that god doesn't exist. Because I will then ask you to prove that unicorns don't exist.

    Posted by: 4uncLife

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Anonymous says2013-06-02T07:10:51.993
I guess it all depends on what you mean by "love".
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-14T23:53:33.427
God actually DOES love us. But not unconditionally. That distinction is important to make.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-15T00:06:55.287
However, God is also malicious and selfish. That I have to state in fairness.