Do you thing being anorexic for fashion is too much?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • Yes, is much worse in women by time.

    High-heels are originally worn by men then they stopped and women started wearing it. Will they stop or adapt to more painful and higher heels?

    Women are becoming more fashionistic by time and focus on how they will become beautiful but they are already very beautiful.
    Will their sense of modesty return or vanish forever? Will they sacrifice everything just for artificial beauty? Maybe it has no peak that only apocalypse can stop. Will sexual harrasment be punishable by death. We are controlled most by science. Than religion and laws, inspired by religion than science. I think our law must based more on science, on how we react, women must be disciplined before is too late, sense of modesty will be impossible to have in every woman in the next century.

    Maybe in the next century. Raping women, having a child every time they raped and sentencing rapists to death will be the norm.
    That cycle will help humanity survive instead of love and marriage. Child of every rape victim will become a rapist or a victim. This is a pessimistic future. People will become so stupid.

  • People aren't anorexic for fashion

    The fashion industry is notorious for posing the rare skinny tall bodies that women pursue. But the reason why the fsahion industry rfuses to change is because well, if all body types are used, anyone can be a model and the fashion industry doesn't want to represent the norm. To be skinny to the point of anorexia is a bit much but by that time when the person really does become emanciated, they really aren't losing weight for fashion anymore and their motives to lose weight are deeper and more complex. People develope anorexia and serious eating disorders not because they want to be thin only but it becomes their comfort, their life, their friend that they dont want to let go because they are afraid

  • It's not healthy

    Have you ever wondered why models are so grumpy and angry-looking when they walk down the runway? Or way the smile on their face isn't quite real? It's because they're hungry! On the outside, they appear to be happy but on the inside, the poor things are starving to death. This practice is not healthy and SO not cool. However, they should watch over their diet and avoid getting fat.

  • Not a cool thing.

    Be healthy in anyway to get your desired body shape IS. So anorexia is already a wrong choice. You can definitely get the it body without forcing your body to go through such pain. What most of us should really concern is our health not that skull-alike body shape girl.

  • Step to far

    I think it's taking modeling a step to far. Its not healthy eating like almost nothing and eating stuff like tissues just to be thin to be a model. You don't need to be thinner than average to be a model. I think models should just eat healthy, keep fit and be pretty.

  • I definitely do.

    Although I admit that my opinion isn't very objective. I was happily married to a woman for twenty years. She was always just a bit over what she thought was her "perfect" weight, but I didn't care. I also urged her not to wear make-up because she had fair, beautiful skin. Then one day at work a customer managed to convince her that she "might actually be a very attractive woman" if she would lose a few pounds and learn to use make-up. Well, she lost twenty pounds and began decorating her face, but within a year she began looking older and much more peaked. You couldn't convince her, though. This wasn't the reason for our divorce, but it has been about ten years now since that person told her that and now she merely looks pale and unhealthy. I watched her own mental expectations ruin something that was actually quite good. There's nothing wrong with trying things which you think might make you feel better about the way you look, but when you let another's opinion of you decide how you treat yourself then you are really selling yourself out to their opinion.

  • No but introduce different body types

    Modelling should not be exclusive to one body type but many. In the line of fashion, the clothing must look good on every possible body type that exists because then more people would be inclined to buy them because people have different body types. There are people that are limited to what body type they want no matter how many hours they spend in the gym and it would be a shame to not get into the wallets of these people.

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