Do you thing the missing Malaysian plane is just a setup by the government?

Asked by: draxhunter
  • How does the plane that big suddenly disappear?

    How does the plane that big suddenly disappear? They can track people anywhere on the planet. Example would be Saddam Hussein and they managed to find him hiding in a middle of nowhere stuck in a ditch. How can they not find a airplane?
    There are thousands of powerful satellites hovering over us tracking our ever movement. It raises the question if they can find a needles in the haystack. They could probably find the way out of the haystack. What I am really saying is where and how does something that big disappear without a single trace? Trust is a 2 way thing and so far government haven't kept their side of the bargain.

  • It clearly isnt

    Its far more likely that the in-flight movie on the plane was 'Jack and Jill', and that the passengers simply couldnt take it anymore and opted to suicide the plane. Trust me, I only got through like 4 microseconds of the movie before I wanted to gauge my eyes out with a spork (because spoons are for peasants), and I have no doubt that the same terrible movie could have driven the passengers on the plane to crash it....

  • Here come the black helicopters...

    The "government" (whoever that vague title encompasses) didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of a Malaysian plane headed for China with a couple hundred nationals of their respective countries on board. This is the paranoid grasping at straws to make something from nothing.

    I would pose questions for those who believe such theories, however:

    Who is the government?
    What is their purpose in this disappearance?
    What, exactly, is being "set up"?

    I offer this challenge to anyone who could provide *sound* theories as to why a governing body would commit such a closely observed act.

  • Though it is possible, no evidence suggests that.

    A setup is possible but again there is no evidence that would say that. All now are just speculation. Conspiracy theorists keep creating theories even without support. This is called the conspiracy theory fallacy where a conclusion is made and that no evidence is presented because of the belief that evidence is hidden.

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