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  • Start them young.

    Yes, I think 16-year-olds are ready to vote at presidential elections, because they have taken a government class and they are old enough to understand important issues. It might serve the country well to allow young people to vote while they are still enthusiastic about current events. That might set them up to vote for life.

  • As good as anyone else

    16-year-olds are as ready as anyone else to vote in elections. I'm not saying that they will have particularly good reasoning, but who does? Most people just vote for whoever promises the most (with no possibility of delivering on the promise). Or they vote for the most charming and attractive person.

  • Person to person

    There honestly is little difference in terms of voting (not other things, but voting) that makes a 16 year old less knowledgeable than an 18 year old. While the 16 year old might be ready, there has to be some line set, but 18 is the age of adulthood, so it makes sense.

  • They do not have adult experiences or the lifestyle of an adult.

    As an 18 year old person you have roles in society. You can drive, vote, drink(quebec), pay taxes, join the military, and get married without consent. 18 year olds have been on earth longer and have experienced an adult lifestyle. They have gotten through high school and have all of their basic education. They know how voting and politics effect their lives. 16 year olds may think they know information about politics but they've never actually experienced it. They still I've at home and are in high school. Majority of 16 year olds don't care about voting or politics anyway. Why give them the ability to vote if they still live at home, can't join the military, still are i high school, can't do basic chores, and are overall immature. Keep the voting age where it is. 18 years old.

  • No, 16-year-olds are not ready to vote for president.

    Decision making ability is not completely developed until well after 16 years of age. Emotionally, psychologically and socially, sixteen-year-olds are closer to children than to adults. They lack experience, wisdom, knowledge, and have not had a chance to develop to the point where they can safely make up their own minds with any degree of independence. Most of them are not supporting themselves financially, and they are not considered mature enough for many legal transactions.

  • Sixteen is too young.

    Sixteen-year-olds are not ready to vote at presidential elections. Most people ask this because people can drive at 16. This should also not be allowed until 21 as it is. Voting should not be allowed until at least 21 either because people at that age do not have a realistic view of what life is about.

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