• Because i am thinking 2021 yet to come

    Is 2020 truly the worst year ever? Not really, Considering the other candidates. And besides, 2020 isn't over yet. World pandemic, Economic crisis, Nature disorder & More. . . The ways the pandemic has exposed the failures of our social system. The ways it has divorced us from routines we rely on and people we love and our delusion that the future is in our control. ,

  • Not even close

    Pandemics have happened a lot before with deadlier viruses and weaker immune systems. There has also been the years during the world wars the great depression and theres probably so many more years that have been 10 times worse than 2020 considering that the earth is billions of years old

  • Not at all

    Like many others, I have been thriving this year. Those having a hard time are generally the type of people that had never previously looked at themselves. Never actually saw their lives for what they were. 2020 ripped off everyone's eyelids and shoved our faces in the mirror. Most people did not like what they saw when they ran out of Netflix shows to binge a 6th time, They hit the bottom of their Facebook feed, They couldn't go drown themselves in booze at the bars, Realized they had to depend on themselves rather than their boss or the government for income. Huge shock for a country where it's way too easy to be comfortable with little to no effort and adding essentially no value.
    Sad thing is, The majority of people still find more solace in yelling at others about masks and vaccines and stimulus checks and presidential elections instead of doing what is necessary and sacking up, Taking self responsibility for their life COMPLETELY.
    More is to come, 2020 is just the beginning of the rough path ahead. Each and every one of us has the ability to make 2021 the best year of our lives. All depends on how hard we're willing to work, Specifically on ourselves.

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