• 40 College Bowl Games is Too Much

    C$0 college bowl games is too much because college bowl games were started to showcase superior teams and create an exciting and special game atmosphere. With 40 games, there are way too many teams for them all to be superior. With 40 games, they lose their excitement and speciality and become mundane and just another game.

  • The allure of the bowl game is gone

    It used to be a big deal when your school would make a bowl but now with so many, some teams who barely had a winning season are invited to a bowl. As an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I am disappointed to go to the Rose Bowl where every other year, it would be a great accomplishment.

  • 40 Bowl Games is far too many

    It seems today that any team with a puls makes a bowl game! There's no reason for 40 bowl games other than money and corporate sponsorship. Is going .500 and making a bowl game a truly good season? There used to be a time when there was only 4 bowl games! I think the answer lies somewhere in between, but 40 is too many.

  • can't be too many good games

    This year there are so many bowl games, but it's not a problem at all for all fans, who want to enjoy good games. You just need to figure out which bowl games you should watch, and which ones you can do without. It's just means that there will be more football to watch over the holiday season.

  • Y e s

    Yeah n o w that y o u think a b o u t it 4 0 is a little t o o many b e c a u s e it g e t s annoying a f t e r a while b e c a u s e its d u m b XD

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