• It would almost certainly help

    There is no reason to say why a ban on plastic bags would not help the environmental health of the world in the next few years. However, enforcing such a law will be almost impossible as plastic is such a necessary element in so many houses across America in today's society.

  • Yes, a ban on plastic bags would help the environment

    Banning plastic bags would have a positive impact on the environment. They are nearly impossible to recycle, and they end up flying around in our neighborhoods and floating in our water supplies. The only consideration would be how practical it is to give them up. They are cheap, portable, disposable, and people have come to depend on them. Getting rid of them would not be easy.

  • Save the environment, ban plastic bags.

    Overall, I think that a ban on plastic bags can only help the environment. We have thirty plus years of study on the environmental effects of plastic bags in the environment. The conclusions are overwhelming. They don't break down as quickly as paper, and they harm wild animals in the ecosystem.

  • It helps out

    I think that a ban on all of the plastic bags in the world would be a huge help to the environment. If we just replaced them with a brown paper sack, that could degrade, it would do the world a lot of good and save a lot of natural resources.

  • Can't Hurt The Environment

    I believe a ban on plastic bags does more to help the environment. I do not believe policies like this are capable of harming the environment as it reduces a product that is potentially hazardous. Plastic bags are bad for the environment especially in the quantities we use them in.

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