• I hope so.

    America needs to go back to the 1950s, Culturally and socially. Nowadays, There are too many freaks and fools in the country. The best period of America was the Revolution to the Civil War. After that, Blacks were released into society, And social problem began. Today, Another problem that needs eradication is the vile "LBGT" movement.

  • Ehhh maybe I’m not sure

    I’m only saying no because there’s no neutral option. It depends on what happens. I think BLM and Antifa are definitely going to riot but I don’t think an actual civil war will happen. In California BLM protestors and rioters were going into neighborhoods and the locals got together and kicked them out and they just left. I think pretty soon everyone’s going to get tired of the riots and the excuses for rioting and everyone’s just gonna grab their guns and wipe them out. . . That’s what I think the WORST case scenerio

  • No I think this is an over exaggeration

    I would say no matter who wins this that no civil war is gonna start. I think people are just hyping up this election like its the fate of the universe at stake, But whats gonna happen is either Joe Mama or Donald Dump will be in an office for 4 years, And there may be some salt but not enough to cause war. Stupid ridiculousness

  • If the Slime agrees with it, It's definitely not happening

    David's stupidity seems to have an eldritch power to it; anything he agrees with becomes factually untrue. It's quite a fascinating power really, I have to congratulate him on having such a disturbingly useless and unnecessary power.

    Besides, 80% of people agree that the election was valid. If those 20% cause a fuss, The National Guard will crush it.

  • It would be too short to call it a war. . .

    Were we to consider the parties involved and the convictions/reservations each group has. . . I don't think you could call it a war. One party won't even fight a foreign nation blowing up their buildings and beheading their people in the streets. . . So to think they could stomach mounting an offensive against anyone is a moot point.

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