Do you think a cure for Hodgkin's Disease will be found within the next 20 years?

  • I think so

    Yes, I think that in the next twenty years that we will come up with a lot of cures for a lot of the diseases that are in the world today that we do not have a way to cure. I think that a lot of new cures are to come.

  • Cure For Hodkin's Disease

    I personally think that for many people with Hodgkin disease, treatment may remove or destroy the cancer. Completing treatment can be both stressful and exciting. You may be relieved to finish treatment, but find it hard not to worry about the lymphoma growing or coming back. (When cancer comes back after treatment, it is called recurrence.) This is a very common concern in people who have had cancer.

  • Yes, I think a cure for Hodgkin's Disease will be found in 20 years.

    Science continues to advance at a great rate. And I think with the advancement of such research dealing with stem cells continues, cures for such disease like Hodgkin's will be solved. That is why I think a cure for Hodgkin's Disease will be found within the next 20 years. Science will continue to get better.

  • We will discover a cure for Hogkin's disease within the next 20 years

    Within 20 years we will discover a cure for Hodgkin's Disease. Medical research focuses on life-threatening diseases and how to treat them. Within 20 years, cures, or long-term treatments to keep a disease at bay, will be found for most of the 'common' incurable disease we deal with today, like AIDs or a variety of cancers.

  • A cure for a type of cancer is a tall order

    Advances in cancer will be on all fronts, but the idea of an other cure is as grandiose a speculation as anyone could make - much less 25 years from now. I rather doubt many people would have guessed 25 years ago that people would spend all day on smartphones and social networking. Thus a prediction 25 years out, in a field as rapidly evolving as biotech, is not much more than a shot in the dark except for the most attuned of experts - and even they're willing to admit that they're just guessing.

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