Do you think a federal marriage amendment is needed to clarify the issue of gay marriage?

  • The only way

    Yes, I think that to completely end the fight over gay marriage, the supreme court will have to put more into an amendment, and say that every person has the right to marry who they want, no matter what race they are. This will make it legal across the nation.

  • Yes, it is much needed.

    The piece meal approach to gay marriage that has been taken these days by the various states must be very confusing to gay people who want to be coupled. A federal marriage amendment will make sure that for tax purposes and other things a married couple can be recognized anywhere in the US.

  • Yes, a federal marriage amendment is needed to clarify marriage.

    Yes, a federal marriage amendment is needed to clarify marriage in regards to the issue of gay marriage. As it stands, gay marriage is permitted in some states, while in others it is not permitted. This lack of standardization can cause confusion and put undue stress on couples. By having a marriage amendment, marriage laws can be standardized country-wide to clear up issues such as taxes, health benefits, and other issues that arise from the non-standardization nation wide.

  • Until All 50 States Agree

    A constitutional amendment is needed to clarify the definition of marriage in America because all 50 states cannot currently agree on such things. Lawsuits in Missouri and Arkansas are currently going through the courts to try to legalize gay marriages gotten from other states. Right now, gay marriage is a legal mess left up to the judicial branch. As such, an amendment is needed to clarify what constitutes a marriage in the United States.

  • No, and probably not for the reason you think.

    Things like this should only ever be left up to the states. There are going to be certain states that legalize it and certain states that don't, and that's the way most of these things should be, and is one of the things that make living in America awesome. If the laws where you live don't align with your values, you don't have to move out of the country, because There's probably a state with laws that do.

  • An amendment to our Constitution to resolve the issue of gay marriage is unnecessary.

    One of the strengths of our society is that we have fifty separate laboratories in which to conduct social experiments. The gay marriage issue is rapidly being resolved on the state level and in another couple of generations will be a non-issue which most people will not even recognize as having been an issue. A constitutional amendment on the subject would be a waste of time and energy.

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