• Outgoing leaders are

    Often more liked and adored than other leaders. They are usually more creative and courageous than others, not being afraid to state their opinion and belief. Introverts can be good leaders, but the outgoing factors of a leader separate the good from the great. Press the thumbs up below if you agree!!!

  • A good leader has to be outgoing.

    A good leader has to be outgoing for many reasons. A president must be able to talk to many people whether they are close friends or family or somebody they just meet, if you are a shy person you will not be able to accomplish that, and for example, if we go through a military conflict the president must be ready to give a motivating speech a shy president will not be able to do that. A president also has to be outgoing and decisive because every day the president takes important decisions that concern us whether it is about water, taxes, and health care. So, based on theses reasons, I think a good president must be ougoing.

  • Leaders need it

    One reaason for this would be what woud happen if they weren't. Imagine this leader in a military conflict. They need to make a speech to rally their country and boost morale. Good luck if you're a shy leader (they'll need it), however an outgoing leader would be enthusiastic and loud.

  • It is a value

    It is a valued characteristic that any great leader must have. Shyness would not work very well at being a leader. A leader has a lot of people he or she must speak to and they will be asked for advice and they will be great teachers and they have a standard that they have set and must show others how it is done.

  • To a point

    Leaders are better when they are people persons. Most people like when people can strike up a conversation and do not make them feel all uncomfortable. They do not have to be to outgoing, though. That also annoys people, when a person can't give an individual a certain amount of attention.

  • No not in all situations

    A good leader does not always need to be outgoing. There are circumstances where a leader would lead by example and others would follow through. I think there are some situations that need an outgoing leader but not all. An example of a non outgoing leader would be on a team.

  • A good leader need not be outgoing

    A good leader is able to influence people to do things that they otherwise would not do. This does not require an outgoing personality. In actuality, a great leader will inspire through example. Meaning, a great leader will act the way that they intend their followers to act. This may be specifically a more reserved personality. The Buddha was reserved in this way.

  • No, a good leader doesn't have to be outgoing.

    I do not think a good leader needs to be outgoing. I think a good leader just needs to be able to lead and guide people in the best direction. I think that being outgoing is something that isn't necessarily only reserved for good leaders. It is more of a person's social character.

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  • You can be a private leader to protect others form sensitive info

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