Do you think a leadr is more successful or favorable when people fear them or when they respect them.? (Yes for fear, No for respect)

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  • Respect is a better argument.

    People rebel when someone puts fear or hatred in them. Look at the Russian Revolution, for example. Stalin put fear into his subjects, resulting in a rebellion. The same with parents. They yell at tou, you get angry. If you respect them, it won't be that way. Respect is a common courtesy. Say ,"Please" or ,"Thank you". That is respect. Telling someone what they did wrong and how they are going to change it or else... Not so much.

  • A respectable leader is more favorable.

    I feel like people rebel against or avoid someone they fear. If they had to vote on it no one would vote for some one they can not trust or do not like. People want a leader they admire and have faith in not some more they are scared of. Putting some one you fear in a leadership rule would cause chaos in my opinion.

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