Do you think a master race of human beings will one day rule the planet?

  • We are the master race.

    Humans are the highest form of life ever. We, in ourselves, are the master race. We are all equal until we prove through our actions we are better or worse. It's just a matter of uniting in the world under one cause and one banner to reach the deepest depths of consciousness and civilization so we can all benefit. If humanity united, or rather when it does, we'll be the most powerful mortal force in the universe.

  • No I don't.

    I do not think that someday a master race of human being will one day rule the planet because right now there is no such thing. We are all equal. It does not matter what color, or what religion, or even what gender. The hair, their style, it is what makes us all amazing.

  • There will be no master race

    There will be no master race of humans. The reason for this is because technology keeps growing exponentially, and the price of technology keeps on dropping. In the future, everyone will have access to all of the latest and best technologies and there will be more equality all around and everywhere.

  • Diversity is the Key to Survival

    Diversity in genetics and DNA are the keys to survival. Charles Darwin knew this when he observed different beaks on similar bird species. If humans don't diversify their genetic line, we will perish as well. The more genetically diverse we become, the better chance we have for survival far into the future. A "master race" of humans is ill advised.

  • Humans will never aspire to a "Master Race"

    The idea of the master race has been tossed around by every supremacist movement to date. They all claim to be the only viable future of humanity. Claiming the others will die out for various reasons. With all this fighting between races, a master race cannot be crowned. With the current level of technology and warfare being complete mutually assured destruction, the more likely master race will be a bird/roach/squid hybrid. Humans will eventually kill themselves off.

  • That will never happen.

    No, I do not think that a "master race" of human beings will one day rule the planet. Adolph Hitler thought that, and look how well attempting to put that theory to test worked out for him. The "master race" thing is a common fantasy for white supremacists, who usually tend to be uneducated and insecure.

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