Do you think a NY cop, who used the choke hold method, should be charged with murder for the death of a man selling cigarettes?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • The actions of the cop were unnecessary and highly unreasonable

    First of all, the choke hold method is illegal in NY and the cop should know that. He is the one enforcing the laws and making sure everybody obeys the them so it is hypocritical for an officer of all people to disobey the laws and worst of all get away with it. There was no reason for the officer to do the choke hold because he was in no danger. I don't u dears tank how he got away with murder. #icantbreathe

  • A choke hold is ILLEGAL for NYC cops to perform and the Eric Garner did not deserve to die.

    The choke hold is illegal for a cop in NYC to perform, meaning that there should be some consequences. Eric Garner resisted arrest but not violently, the attack was unprovoked if you watch the video. Even after Eric Garner said he could not breath the cop didn't let go, EVEN after he was on the ground held down by multiple other cops. The man who performed the choke hold waved to a by-stander taking a video from his mobile phone as if it was some kind of game or joke. Also another by-stander taking the video said the Eric just broke up a fight. The cops testimony is a one sided story with no defendant. This is unjust and wrong.

  • The choke hold is not illegal. It is against department policy not law!

    The choke hold is NOT illegal in NYS. It is however against department policy as per the chief of police in a live interview. No law was broken in that regard. It is also ironic that people have latched onto the "I can't breath" band wagon when in fact that proves he was not being choked as he was still able to pass air in and out of his lungs several times as that is how the human vocal cords work to generate speech. I do not like what happened either but the intentional spreading of false information is one of the many reasons we are in a shambles as a country right now. Furthermore, when are people going to learn the lesson of personal responsibility? If he was selling illegal cigarettes he was breaking the law (not worthy of death however). Either way he chose to not comply with police. Another bad choice as the police are not going to then just leave because he's not interested in listening to them. Whole situation could have been avoided had better decision making been employed.

  • The cop performed his job correctly and should not be punished for it.

    He resisted.
    It took several cops to bring him down.
    He was considerably larger than the cop and the cop was in the right to use techniques he was taught to give him an advantage over a suspect.
    The suspect had priors, enough to make him easily identifiable as an individual who would resist arrest ... Since he had in the past.

    It was an unfortunate circumstance. Like a man with heart problems dying from being tazed. A total non-issue for the cop if he was in the right to taze the man.

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