• Yes It Should

    I support the laws that require photo IDs for voting. Personally, I do not understand why people are making such a large fuss over this. Photo IDs are easy to obtain if you have the proper documents and getting those documents is not particularly difficult. I feel this law can stop fraudulent votes.

  • Yes for the photo ID and also provide copy of one's birth certificate or naturalization papers and a utility bill to vote.

    Voting is for CITIZENS only. If our officials don't care who's voting, then they should post it online so anyone around the world could vote. It's not a violation of anyone's Constitutional rights to ask for ID when at the voting poles. But I think they should take it a bit further by making someone bring in a utility bill with their name on it, as well as their drivers license or state ID card, to verify the voter's address, and a copy of their birth certificate or passport to prove they are a US citizen.

  • Yes they should

    I think that they should have a photo id to vote because if they don't they will probably vote more than once and i think that is unfair for the citizens. And political member will probably tell people from their community to vote for the president that they want and probably pay them.

  • Photo IDs Free For All

    If the State wants me to produce an ID anytime I need to vote, then they should streamline the process and make sure that it is easy to get a photo ID. It would make it easier and faster to vote at a location and could make sure there is no fraud. But it should be free for all and then we can easily do this.

  • You already registered, so why?

    Requiring people to carry a photo ID with them to vote is ludicrous, as all voters who are registered will be carrying their voter's card with them to the voting booth and need not prove who they are. Voting fraud is such a rare occurrence that it merely discriminates against voters without photographic identification.

  • Photo IDs Should Not Be Required to Vote

    While positive identification should be required before a person can vote, photo IDs are not the only way that identification can be made. Some people may not have a photo ID but can prove their identity by other means. Voting is such a fundamental privilege that each person who qualifies to vote should have every avenue afforded to them to exercise the privilege. Photo ID requirements limit this privilege to only those who have visited photo ID issuance places.

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