Do you think a police officer who has killed someone should be punished?

Asked by: S.Anderson
  • Yes, they should. (unless their lives are in actual danger of death or serious injury; ex. Person who they shot was also shooting at them)

    I think a police officer who has wrongfully killed someone using excessive force/violence should be punished in order to insure complete justice. It is not fair to me that a police officer can kill a human being without punishment and the family of the person they killed is left to grieve without justice.

  • Cops invent stories

    A cop will shoot then make up a story of self defence. If I shoot in self defence, Even with a camera on me, I could still go to prison. Cops have been seen on video killing people and still getting away with murder. Never trust a cop ever.

  • They shouldn't just have immunity for anything they do.

    (Regardless of how racist cops are) There is clearly a bias towards cops when they abuse their power, which isn't how the justice system should work. If they are beating someone nearly to death for stealing something, even if they are unarmed then they have to face the repercussions of that.
    Yes, cops are trained to "protect" people, but if they have no restraint who is to say they can't go after an innocent person (and they have already.) Those cops ruin the image of our police force and thus people feel the need to protest because they aren't properly doing their job.
    The ONLY cases where they should not be punished is, obviously, in self-defense when someone is running at them with a knife/gun/some other weapon.
    Many cops in America are trigger-happy, however, and they become a danger to public safety.

  • Of course not

    When blacks break the law they deserve to be shot, period, no questions asked, on the spot. There is a real problem with lawlessness in the black community and it must be dealt with in the harshest possible terms, these people only understand one thing - violence. So let's give it to them:)

  • Because black people deserve it

    That's why. I remember that when I was a kid, a person who was a police was near of me and then someone came. That person hit the police whitout asking and thenthe polices said "stop". The black person didn't stoped and take off a knife and the police h

  • It is not racist

    Every time i watch the news about a cop killing a suspect it angers me because most and almost all of the people in america say it is racist, therefor the cop goes to jail for just doing his job/supporting his family (if any) with the money he gets.Jury nullification is a main part of this because this sends the man to prison.

  • It depends on the circumstances. If the officer is just performing his job and the shooting is justified, then no, they shouldn't be punished.

    Police officers are tasked with the increasingly difficult duty of maintaining law and order in our society. When a police officer kills an assailant, whether armed or unarmed, they are just performing their job. It has been shown that less than 57 of the 1136 fatal police shootings in 2015 could be called unjustified. But, in a culture that turns this into and issue of race (Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc,) it is becoming nearly impossible for a police officer to perform his duties without facing scrutiny.

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Dilara says2016-01-26T02:30:27.113
It depends.
Vox_Veritas says2016-01-26T04:19:56.253
If it's in self-defense then no. The Michael Brown cop probably did not deserve punishment.
davidthedestroyer says2016-01-26T13:36:14.093
For self denfense,
davidthedestroyer says2016-01-26T13:36:51.190
For self defense