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  • We don't have a regime in the United States

    The definition of a regime is an authoritarian government. Authoritarian is any government that encourages obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. Considering that we still have the constitution and the bill of rights in place, the US isn't an authoritarian government. Even if you don't approve of our current government, you get an opportunity for "regime change" every two, four and six years.

  • More Parties, More Options

    I do not believe a regime change is in order in the United States. This type of change often includes an overthrow of current government and I do not believe we are at a point where that in necessary. What we do need is more political parties and more options when it is time to vote.

  • No regime change.

    The USA has the opportunity for a 'regime change' every four year years. Actually every two years. Its called democracy. Americans can vote if they don't like their leadership unlike in some countries. I don't think a regime change in necessary or desirable, if this changes in a couple of years then I'll go to the polls and try to make it happen.

  • A regime change would not be good for the US

    It is my opinion that a regime change would not be a positive experience for the United States. Regime changes are hardly ever peaceful, and the violence that occurs from them take place in the country itself. A democratic system is much more peaceful than a regime change that is carried out by violence.

  • No, not necessarily.

    The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama has done a fine job as the president of the United States. Domestically this is the case, at least. The economy has grown under him, unemployment has dipped, we have brought home troops, and we have passed a very good health care law.

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