Do you think a Swedish court shoud overturn Julian Assange's arrest warrant?

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  • He was fleeing.

    I do not think that his case should be overturned because he did something wrong. Just because he has money, is the founder of Wikileaks and other things like that should not mean that he gets special attention. That is unfair to the rest of the world and general bias.

  • Julian Assange: Swedish lawyers ask court to overturn arrest warrant against Wikileaks founder

    Journalist has spent the last three years in Ecuadorian embassy in London after failing to fight extradition to Sweden to face questioning over rape allegations. Lawyers have made a formal request to a Swedish court to overturn Julian Assange's arrest warrant in a rape case.
    He was first accused of one count of rape and another of molestation of two Swedish women by the Swedish Prosecutors' Office in August 2010 but was initially released and allowed to leave the country.

  • No, Julian Assange's arrest warrant should not be overturned.

    Julian Assagne released thousands of classified documents. The information that was released was extremely damaging to many countries. His arrest warrant is well-deserved. Even though some of the information released was beneficial to the public, it does not make what he did legal. Overturning the warrant would not be justified.

  • Swedish court should not overturn Assange's arrest warrant

    The Swedish court should not overturn Julian Assange's arrest warrant. He should have his day in court. If he is truly innocent, he will be exonerated. He is accused of horrible things, including rape, and, in fairness to the victims, these should be heard and tried. Doing anything less is unfair.

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