• If it's perfected

    If scientist figure out a way to fully perfect the test tube baby then I believe it will be far superior to most if not all of regular humankind. Not that there is anything wrong with being different or having different abilities and skills, having a test tube baby gives scientist the chance to build the perfect baby with no defects or problems.

  • Test Tube Babies Can Have Improved Genetics

    A test tube baby can have superior genetics, but not necessarily. Test tube babies often come from normal in vitro fertilization techniques when parents can't get pregnant by normal means. Babies created in a lab aren't necessarily genetically superior, they are just specially-made outside the womb. The fertilized eggs still need a mother's womb in order to gestate for nine months.

  • No, right now they are not

    Test tube babies are not even close to what a pregnancy can bring. I am sure in time they will change,but right now they are way off base. The babies produced by normal births are healthy and have a normal natural caretaker. The test tube babies are just not up to par on that, just yet.

  • No, not yet, but soon.

    Currently, there is no genetic difference between a baby conceived in a test tube and a baby conceived naturally. But as genetics progress, and DNA from several people can be combined to create one child, then test tube babies will not have genetic diseases and can have the best traits of several people.

  • Test Tube Baby's Genetics are not superior.

    The genetics of test tube babies are not superior to normally concieved children and adults. Often test tube babies often have weaker genes than those of other babies. They often suffer from allergies, and have a greater risk of genetic diseases. Test- tube babies defy natural selection, and as a result there can be consequences.

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