Do you think trade school (such as Heald College) is just as good as a University

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  • Depending on the career field.

    Let's face it- an electrician doesn't need to go to a University. Neither does a medical transcriptionist. Or a legal aide. Or a chef. Or an arc welder. Or a beautician.

    Trade schools are intended to provide hands-on training for jobs that are not of the academic bent- and there is nothing wrong with that. There is no "better" or "worse"- it depends on what you want to do with your life. In European nations with successful education programs, trade schools are vital. Students in Germany, for example, split after junior high. Some go to high school and university if they intend to enter career fields that require such education, like law, medicine, accounting, the sciences, etc. Others enter specified trade schools. There is really no point in teaching a kid Calculus and Physics if he wants to be a plumber. Why not teach him the skills that will allow him success in his CHOSEN field? This also helps the academic-bent students, since they can be given more attention from educators and don't have to worry about the classes being targeted to those students who don't understand or care.

  • For certain skills, yes.

    There are many occupations that do not English composition, college level algebra, philosophy, classical literature, political science or other college/university core curriculum. To require such courses for a specific skill is a waste of time and money in many situations.

    In my area with many chemical plants and people going to process operator classes to work in refineries don't need political science or philosophy. Neither does many nursing programs, police academies, paramedics, firefighter academies, truck driving schools, etc.

    Those kinds of jobs need specific skills that do not require university level degrees or courses. Technology degrees or certificates in many professions are all that is needed and anything more is a waste.

    Are trade schools just as good as university degrees? In some professions, you bet. In others, no but generally speaking, trade schools are very important and a viable alternative to full college degrees where not needed.

  • Depends on Needs

    A trade school is just as good as a university to meet the needs of its students. Trade schools focus on one particular narrow aspect of a trade, such as electrical, carpentry, concrete work, auto mechanic trades and the like. Trade schools serve a valuable purpose to train those who specialize in kinds of work needed throughout the world that involve specialized tasks done by workers and small business owners.

  • It is a quick short cut out to education in a particular field

    I know a few people getting into nursing with a degree that is taking them only 24 months and I know its great to get out as soon as possible, but more education should be enforced. We don't want nurses entering the field lacking some common skills to help their patience. There was a person that told me he got a F in the class because he forgot to turn in an assignment, however, he completed everything else. So he explain to the teacher and she gave him a half points to the assignment without turning anything and he got a C for final grade. If that was at a University they wouldn't had done that. I read that Heald College want to make sure their students pass for sure so they give them a passing grade, not sure if this is exactly true.

    The bad side of this you cannot transfer your units to another school. You can transfer them to certain schools but not a University.

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