Do you think Aaron Rodgers is the key to the Green Bay Packers success?

  • Yes, Aaron is KEY

    While other aspects of football teams are important, without Aaron Rodgers the Packers just wouldn't "go." His passing and running threat can open up lanes for the run game. His accuracy is among the best in the league. He is able to motivate other members of his team. I do not see how they would even make the playoffs with him.

  • Yes, I think he is the key to their success.

    Yes I believe that Aaron Rodgers is the key to the Green Bay Packers success because he is all around a great player and I find that he is constantly pulling them all together as a team and making the best set ups for them to get the goals that they need.

  • Yes I do think Aaeron Rodgers is the key to the Green Bay packers.

    Even though each team has different players and some play better than others, I do think that the players that weren't that great, can become underestimated! Aaron Rodgers, I believe will help the Packers win the superbowl this year since it seems like he's ready this year. Last year it was quite rough but hoping this year will be better!

  • I beieve Aaron Riogers is the key to the Green Bay Packers success.

    Green Bay has long been dependent on its quarterback, Aaron Rogers. It's office is built around him. It has been shown in the past as Aaron Rogers goes, so goes the Green Bay Packers. While defence may win championships and offense only games, it takes winning games to be able to get a chance to win the championship.

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