• We could learn about issues

    The American political system was warned to be in danger of a two party system hundreds of years ago, and today we are seeing the consequences of a failing system. Rather than seeing the issues and concentrating on governing and improving America, people see political labels and jump to conclusions.

  • Yes, abolishing parties would be good for politics.

    I definitely think that abolishing parties would be good for politics in America. I think that if politicians focused more on doing what is right for the people, rather than what is right for their parties, the country of America would be better off. I just don't see such a thing happening though.

  • It would make people actually think

    People would actually have to listen to politicians ideas, rather than just voting their party line. Of course, the people who pay regular attention to politics would know who is who. We would be able to tell a conservative, moderate, or a liberal. This would only be beneficial for the people who barely pay any attention to politics. They would not know who the Republican or the Democrat is. If we did do this, how would they know to call Obama a Socialistic, Marxist, Nazi?

  • How would you do this?

    Are you going to arrest people for forming political parties?

    I think a multi-party system would be better, but that can be formed better with proportional representation or instant run-off voting NOT by banning political parties.

    If by abolish political parties you mean the party would not be listed on the ballot then you should take note that in Kuwait where this is law there are a number of de facto political parties. Same in Nebraska. While seats are nonpartisan in theory in practice everyone knows which party the candidates running against each other really support.

  • No, we need to have parties in politics.

    I personally feel that we need to have parties in politics. It is easier to know what a politician stands for if he or she has a political party. Some of the issues are relatively universal for people who are in the same party. It also brings balance to politics to have more than one party. If everyone believed the same way, as an example, it would be far too easy to pass laws of one extreme or the other. Having parties brings a balance to politics.

  • Abolishing parties in politics would not be good

    It is my opinion that abolishing parties in government would not be a good way to undertake the governing of a nation. The party system may have its flaws but not having parties opens the door to other forms of government that may not be as effective, or as welcomed by the people of the nation as democracy is.

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