Do you think abortion can help stop the cycle of abuse/poverty?

Asked by: fawny
  • Important for Population control

    Abortion is a way of controlling the population. Overpopulation is one for the main reasons for poverty in many developing countries. If abortion is adopted, there will be less no. Of people to be supported in each family, meaning more of all the resources for the other members inthe family.

  • It is not a solution

    Biology proves that a fetus is a living being so they have the right to born and live. No one can take their lives. Supporting abortion because it would stop poverty is a prejudice against poor people! Poor people are also people and the best way to help them is to making them feel as humans and give them the opportunities to grow in life. Studying, getting a job. This things stop the cycle of poverty, but abortion NO!

    Posted by: JRRS

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