• It is wrong

    You are killing and innocent life over the parents decision to have sex, if you don't want it don't kill it give it up for adoption. If you don't want a kid get birth control, or don't do it at all. But making a child pay the price for its parents wrong doing, that would be messed up

  • Abortion is right

    Okay yes abortion isn't always the answer but what about the people who don't have the money or the time to have kids honestly if I got pregnant right now I would have one sometimes you got to do whats best for you... You have the right to do what want you want with your body . People say why have an abortion well why would you want to bring a kid in this world if you cant take care of it. Having a kid is a HUGE reasonable . Its not like a pet it need soo much more attention and care and love you cant do that if youre not ready to have a kid

  • It's the mothers choice

    Weather or not the mother wants the baby is her choice and we shouldn't pressure her into keeping the baby. If someone feels pressured into keeping the baby then its more likely that the child will not have a good upbringing as the mother would not want the child and therefore treat them badly, maybe resulting in abuse. It's not murder and the argument that that baby could have cured cancer or something is stupid [example: if lily potter had an abortion Neville Longbottom would have defeated voldemort]. Also the world is already over populated, pressuring parents into keeping children they don't want will (obviously) increase the population pointlessly as the parents wouldn't have as much gun with the baby and without the right upbringing it would probably have average IQ meaning that it was destined for a life working in a supermarket and not doing anything important. It would also discourage parents from having children later in life. And remember, if none of that convinced you, it would encourage people to stay together meaning less for you 😉(jk).

    Please don't be harsh on my spelling and general ability to put sentences together as I'm only 12 and I'm kinda sleepy

  • Everyone Has A Right To Live

    As a Catholic, I do believe everyone should have this right to live. The only way I can agree abortion is lawful is if the mother's life is in danger if she gives birth to the baby. Every person has a soul. How would you feel if you were killed before your life started? How would you feel if people didn't think of you as a person and think they can just get rid of you? What if someone gave birth to the baby and decided they don't want it, so they kill it? That's illegal, so why is it different if you are doing it a few months earlier? God is the only one who should decide when you die, not doctors or parents.

    I'm sorry if this did not convince you if you think abortion is right, I really tried my best. I am just a twelve-year-old girl who found this and wanted to convince people that everyone has a right to live. Thank you for reading up to this point and listening to me.

  • My beliefs VS. The Law

    Well, this is a very simple question to answer. I think abortion is wrong. Let me just throw out there that a large part of this is based upon my religion and faith. Additionally, i do believe there are other alternatives to abortion, i.e. adoption. HOWEVER, with regard to my stance on the legality of abortion...I firmly believe it should be legal and available to those that disagree with my opinion/belief. At the end of the day, it should be a decision made by each individual woman, not the law, or religion. Granted, I would pray for all of those that felt abortion was an option, and I would more than likely try to persuade persons that choose to abort not to. Ultimately, it is a matter best kept out of the Law.

  • Embryos and fetuses are people.

    Whether they are in the womb or out of the womb, people are people. They can feel. They can breathe. They have a pulse. Whether they have a disability or not, life is precious. No matter how long they live, life is precious. They do not deserve to be ripped apart.

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stevenfrancis says2015-07-31T20:46:45.713
Does Yes mean you favor abortion? Or Yes....I think abortion is wrong?