Do you think abortion should be allowed if the foetus is tested to have abnormalities/genetic defects if they are born?

Asked by: cjchang
  • The baby will suffer a lot if they are born

    Honestly, it's not an easy decision for the parents to make either. Most parents love their children and want them to be born. Even though there are cases where the test results are wrong (it's complicated then as to whose fault is it, and besides, if abortion is carried out, the truth will never be known whether the results are correct), there could still be cases where there's almost 100% chance the baby has a very serious genetic defect/condition. In these cases it will definitely be more humane for the parents and the child if abortion is carried out. It is really not easy for parents to bring up children with genetic disorders (many parents suffer both physically and mentally from doing so).

  • It is immoral to knowingly let a child be born with a genetic defect

    By letting a child be born with genetic defects you have condemned that child to a life of segregation from peers, and difficultly day in and day out, not just to socially survive (which is nearly impossible), but also physically. They will suffer everyday for the rest for the rest of their life tremendous emotional and physical pain. If anyone subjected a normal child to the life a disabled individual has to live, they would be thrown in prison. We can save them from ever having to go through that hardship.

  • Just because a baby is predicted to have birth defects doesn't mean your right to abortion is abstained.

    Think about this: if a healthy baby is tested for birth defects and the results are negative, the parents still have the choice of abortion. If the results are positive for likely defects, then why should the parents lose the right to abortion? Yes, abortion can be considered immoral. But this is the choice of the parents and a law against it would be infringing upon the parents' right to choose what is best.

  • God is not real

    If your argument has god in it, it is not an argument. Bodily autonomy is the only argument you need in this case. No one can force you to give a kidney to save a dying baby, so how can they force you to give your entire body for 9 months?

  • Life should be enjoyable

    If the foetus is definitely going to have any serious abnormalities than it is very likely that they are not going to enjoy their life. Lots of cases of bullying are caused by physical appearance or mental weakness. However, the parent should be able to decide that if this is serious, abortion should be allowed, and if not, than they should say if they think it will not effect them too much but still, the parent should be able to decide.

  • Very difficult situation!

    If someone is going to voice their opinion on such a matter as abortion you better think twice and hard about what you are going to say to that lady. I wouldn't want to be that person that says a very cruel statement to an already fearful girl/woman. Abortion is a terrible circumstance that anyone has to go through. Who are you to tell a lady that having an abortion is wrong at that given time?

    I believe when the topic of abortion comes up, So many people try to defend the life of the unborn, not realizing that they may be doing an injustice to the carrier of the baby.

  • Pro Choice is the Answer

    This is probably the best example of why abortion should be allowed. I do not like abortion as a birth control measure, but in cases such as the one noted, incest, and rape, abortion is appropriate. If we stop it, we go back to the ally with septic abortions occurring.

  • Quality not Quantity of Life is What Matters

    Typically when a woman aborts due to defects it is not due to something relatively trivial like a cleft palate. Usually it is because she has discovered that her baby will enter into a brief, meaningless life of struggle and maternal compassion stirs her to action to prevent such a reality. A woman in that circumstance should not have to endure the memory of her malformed infant thrashing about in an incubator for the two hours of life it had simply to make others feel better.

  • If it is not a human

    No justification is necessary. If it is a human, no excuse can be sufficient. As the unborn are clearly humans there can be no reasonable reason to murder them. It is not for the good of the child that you are killing them, but for the fear of the parents.

  • This should not be an exception if abortion is illegal

    I'm pro-choice but if abortion were otherwise illegal I would oppose making any exception for genetic defects, because doing so dehumanizes the disabled. In fact I think that with the exception of diseases that are terminal in early childhood such as Tay Sach's testing for such diseases should involve waiving the right to an abortion.

  • Incest is worse than rape

    While the most prevalent symptom sign of rape victim are more likely to be emotional trauma than physical.But when you suffer from emotional you can get dealt with that easier than suffer from birth defect because birth defect is a disease that appear from birth which cannot be removed or repaired.Can you imagine,300,0000 new born baby died each year from birth defect !!!

  • Humans Are Humans

    First Point: Babies Are C-U-T-E
    Main Argument:
    I've Said This So Many Times But It's Very Vital.
    Unborn Or Not ; Girl Or Boy ; Abnormal or Extra Cute.
    A Tiny Cute Kid Is What Completes A Family, Just Because Someone Tells You Your Baby Will Not Be Normal (This Counts Even If It Is True)
    You Shouldn't Let Your Child Go Away From You.
    You Never Know, They Might Make You The Proudest Parents In The World!

  • Incest is worse than rape

    While the most prevalent symptom sign of rape victim are more likely to be emotional trauma than physical.But when you suffer from emotional you can get dealt with that easier than suffer from birth defect because birth defect is a disease that appear from birth which cannot be removed or repaired.Can you imagine,300,0000 new born baby died each year from birth defect !!!

  • I am an advocate death penalty for incest

    Although i agree with josh duggar dad statement.He said,, Rape and incest are one of the most heinous crime and such crime should be treat as capital offense.That would be a good idea since rape and incest are one of the worst gruesome violation against humanity rights.Children are vulnerable people who can create future in the new generation and the right of child life should be born healthy.It's unfair for an innocent child have to bear suffering for all their rest of their life just because two selfish people want to have sex eventhough they suppose not to do it.So yes give them the most harsh punishment.

  • Please execute incest couple !!!

    I really would like to see both incest couple being executed in front of the public since incest is one of the most severe form of child abuse.It doesn't matter consensual incest or not ,incest is wrong and immoral.I can't wait seeing children suffer from birth defect for entire life because it's very heartbreaking and i feel sorry form them.

  • Genetic Birth Defects

    Abortion should not be allowed on fetuses that have birth defects! Genetic Birth Defect babies are a lot nicer than normal humans! Birth defect babies are a blessing from god! Some may need more attention than others but who cares, certainly not me! I would rather spend time with my sweet baby girl niece than anywhere else. I love my sweet niece to death! She was born with down syndrome and she is the sweetest baby girl that I know! So to all yall saying yes, maybe yall should take some time and think about this "If yall would of had a birth defect, would yalls parents have had an abortion with you?".

  • Genetic testing only shows probabilities and they can be corrected

    To give an analogy, people who are tested positive for a breast cancer gene sometimes get their breasts removed even though there is no guarantee that the breast cancer will actually happen.

    Now, when it comes to an embryo these "genetic defects" can actually be corrected via gene therapy. If you really want a child, but don't want a child with a defect, why not just fix it? Even if it's a terminal defect (one where the child is not likely to survive long after birth) there is no reason why you can't change the gene so that the child develops properly.

    In the case of later term pregnancies where the defects have already manifested there is another issue to consider: People sometimes survive abortion attempts. A number of criminal cases have arose with abortion clinics chopping up babies after they leave the woman's body (at that point it's a premature birth, NOT an abortion) and a number of speakers have partially melted faces from the salt approach to abortion. Finally, a late term abortion is really no different than stabbing or burning a baby born premature. If it's developed enough to suffer outside of the womb at that stage it's developed enough to suffer inside the womb. At that point you might as well just getting it out of you and put it up for abortion because it's not like it's going to hurt you any less.

    Also, in regards to the abortion industry in general, it's a real shame that artificial womb research is still illegal. With the artificial womb a woman would be able to terminate a pregnancy without terminating a life. This would protect women from much of the harm that is caused by abortion in general. If a woman's right can be protected without harming a child and while limiting hard to the woman's body. Another application is that a developing fetus can actually be frozen in the case of a teen pregnancy and then allowed to finish developing later when the parents are actually ready for it. Finally, it would protect babies born premature. This would really depend on the laws changing to allow it though.

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