• Of course it should

    Most things are regulated. If abortion wasn't regulated a woman could get one at 9 months! It should be banned at 12 weeks (90% occur before 12 weeks) and every women who wants an abortion should have to look at the ultra sound, listen to the babies heart beat and then wait 72 hours.

  • Yes, but there are better ways to reduce abortions.

    I don't think any abortions should be allowed after the fetus reaches theoretical viability. That is, when it's possible for the fetus to live independently of the mother. At that point, the "my body, my choice" argument doesn't really fly. I'm ethically against abortion in most cases, but because of things like rape or potential medical issues, it's a necessary procedure. We cannot regulate abortions to only rape or medical cases though because then you'll just end up with a ton of false rape accusations.

    The best way to reduce abortions is to educate people about birth control methods and to make birth control more affordable and readily available. That will prevent more abortions than any legislation will.

  • Not Just Regulated: Banned

    It is a true shame, that in America, a country based around the principles of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, we take all three of those rights away from hundreds of babies every single day.

    Contrary to what the pro choice lobbyists say, abortion is not a safe medical procedure designed for women's safety. It is a dangerous medical procedure meant for women who don't want to live with the consequences of their actions.

  • Forget regulation and just ban it

    Abortion is a disgraceful activity. Also as a side not to this I would like you all to know I am not a religious nut who is anti abortion because of religious reasons. I am possible one of the least religious people out there, that is correct there are plenty on non-religious pro lifers. Put simply from the first second of conception they zygote has unique human DNA and is therefore a life. Abortion is murder, anybody that tells you otherwise are either ignorant people or people who have had abortions desperately trying to justify their action and refuse to accept responsibility for terminating their child. The argument of :what if somebody gets drunk and gets pregnant by accident on a one night stand, they shouldn't have to raise a child on their own that they didn't want". The response to that is a human life doesn't deserve to be murdered because somebody got drunk and lost control of their actions. Ban abortion.

  • Yes, most definitely.

    The reason I believe abortion should be regulated among the United States :
    One of the main reasons is because a lot of people use it as a form of birth control and it's not right to do - they shouldn't be given the option after getting one after so many times. I understand women get raped and get pregnant unintentionally, and that's why they should be regulated. I think that after you've had a certain amount of abortions, you should be denied the right to do so and you can legally give the right to the unborn baby to the state or become a surrogate. Another reason I believe it should be regulated is because so many people who would love to be parents physically can't and some who can, don't want to and let's face it, accidents happen and that would give the adults who want a child a chance to have one. Abortion is a huge debate, some against it, some for it and I think if this was to exist, it would be completely fair to everyone.

  • Regulated for sure.

    Abortions are horrible things. The child is just as much of a human being as you are now (just hasn't been fully physically developed). If a man an a woman had a child and they don't want it anymore, tough luck. That's your own problem and your going to let it live. It may someday live in foster care, but many foster parents are great people and treat the child like they would their own child. The only way I could even think of a chil being aborted is if there was the case of rape, and still, that child has the most basic right of a human being, to live a life!

  • Ban unsafe procedures.

    Obviously we need to ban things like coat hanger abortions because quite frankly there is no advantage to using them, and other forms of abortion will get the job done with less risk. However these regulations should be limited to what actual doctors recommend, none of this ultrasound and waiting period stuff.

  • Yes it's better than the alternative

    Why would we want to push Abortion into the unregulated region? You do realize that would mean that people could do anything they wanted when it came to having an abortion? People could have abortions at like 8 months, Fetuses could have their organs harvested, and it leads to much more risks of complication. Outright saying that abortion should not be regulated is detrimental to both pro-abortion and anti-abortion sides and should not even be considered at all.

  • Just makes it worse.

    Making regulations would do little if anything to prevent abortions. If a woman has a strong enough reason to get one done, they will likely have one anyway. Just like anything that is regulated, such as drugs, guns, etc..., if people want it, they will get it legal or not. Fact is, even a procedure that should be done by a qualified physician can be gotten illegally. There are even ways to getting one done by a qualified doctor. For instance faking records that would otherwise disqualify someone. Another way could be to go to another state or country that has more lax laws. There is also the option of having a less than qualified person do it. For instance a doctor who has lost his licence or a person who never passed med. School but wants to practice anyway illegally. In both of those cases, there is already a raised risk to the patient, but I would guess the worst would be home remedies. These often do much worse than just end the pregnancy. Some women have not only been permanently scarred, disfigured, or sterilized by these methods but many have lost their own lives in the process. By making regulations on legal abortions, you will increase the number of illegal and more dangerous ones being done making things even worse.

  • A fetus is not person

    A fetus is not a person. It's not entitled to life. The woman has no obligation to carry it inside her body. Individual rights are more important than the life of would-be person. Moreover, the world is overpopulated. The less kids there are, the better we are. In addition, an unwanted baby is likely to have a screwed childhood.

  • No, because it is a violation of the right to life

    I don't see how killing an innocent child solves your problems. There are other options such as: 1) Don't have intercourse in the first place if you know you don't want a child 2) Give the child up for adoption because there are people out there who want their own children but can't while others waste them. The chances of having another child after an abortion are not so good and the people find themselves adopting children. Even if the baby is a result of rape, its not the child's fault and they don't deserve to die because of the parents predicaments

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Vox_Veritas says2016-01-04T18:00:14.387
Come on, even the most ardent Pro-Choicer would argue that zero regulation on the abortion industry is needed. Regulations exist on the medical industry in general, right? So why should something like abortion be exempt?
Vox_Veritas says2016-01-04T18:00:44.447