Do You Think Abraham Lincoln Freed The Slaves Morally (Yes) Or Just To Stop The Killing Of His Men And To Get Re-Elected(No)?

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  • Well It Depends.

    I believe Abraham Lincoln was a good man and he DID do one of the greatest things that has happened in our history. BUT I find it very fishy that he made his speech and quite literally addressed very little of the South. I believe he wanted to do it because the North and South was loosing many men. Re-election was also coming up and he could of just wanted to get re-elected. That then brings up the question of did he make his speech because of re-election and he wanted to look like a good president by donating burial ground or because he was loosing men? I dont know. Its kind of interesting. What do you guys think?

  • If it was a moral decision then why didnt he free northern or border state slaves?

    Obviously it was a military strategy to help him win the war on "preserving the union" which really just means looming over the heads of small states with big government. The war wasnt about slavery, it was about states rights. Slavery played a part of it, and I personally believe slavery to be a violation of our rights and immoral, as do most sane people, but war was not the way to go. Only two countries, USA and Haiti, fought a civil war over slavery. Other countries banned it, freed slaves, and paid slave owners to sell their slaves to the government, who would then free them. Instead, Abraham Lincoln put the slavery issue aside, and was part of the reason why we had a war that cost nearly 100 times more than what it would have costed to purchase and free the slaves. The government decided, instead, to capture run away slaves and return them to their owners, forcing all citizens, ecen if they were morally opposed, to aid in the catching and returning of slaves. This was known as the fugitive slave act. Lincoln refused peaceful resolutions to solve the issue of slavery, and taught is a lesson, that federalism does not exist, and we have a federal government to rule over us again.

    And quick note, lincoln did not free the slaves in the north, the border slave states, or even the slaves in the confederacy captured by union forces. The emancipation actually freed no slaves, but helped the north win the war by getting slaves in the south to escape and join the union. So no, it was not really a moral reason, but a militaty reason. A smart one too.

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