Do you think Abraham Lincoln was a hero (yes) or a traitor (no)?

  • A real Hero.

    All this crap saying that he started slavery, is ( from ALL the history books), CRAP. He did not like how they were treated, and how they were sold, so he freed them, BUT, he had to go though war. If there was not a civil war, we would still probably have slaves, Martin Luther King JR. Would not give his speech. The world without Abe Lincoln, would be bad.

  • Yes, I think Abraham Lincoln was a hero.

    Yes, I think Abraham Lincoln was a hero. He did what he had to do to keep the country together. Even though he didn't start the civil war to free slaves as it has been claimed, the slaves were freed because of the outcome of the civil war and the country stayed intact.

  • Abraham Lincoln was a hero.

    Abraham Lincoln was a hero. He was a great leader and wanted peace in the United States. He ran office when politics was not about a profit. He did what he thought was best for the country at the time and he did it with respect to everyone that was around him.

  • Abraham Lincoln a Hero

    In every sense of the word, Abraham Lincoln was a hero. In no way was he ever a traitor to the United States. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation and led the North to victory in the Civil War. Lincoln was a huge part of American history and will always be remembered as a hero.

  • Long live The Union

    Yes, I do think this man was a hero. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents to ever take office. He seeked peace in America, and only went to war if needed. He led his men into battle with pride in his country, and his state. Long live The Union. He did what he thought was best for his country.

  • Sounded like a hero to me

    Obviously, I was not alive during Abraham Lincoln's presidential term; however, after a few history classes, and from what I have read, I really can't say I know for sure that he is a hero, but he definitely does not sound like he was a traitor, either. It's all about perspective.

  • A good president

    A civil servant should aspire to be good, ie: do more good than bad. President Lincoln fought a good fight to free slaves; while people act like this was the only motivation for the War, this act alone, and his push for it (and his very strong anti-slavery personal beliefs) is enough to call him a hero.

  • Lincoln was a hero

    He stayed true to his principle, He kept America together. He had vision of expanding the Western territories to business, Trade and settlers. He died for our freedom. His untimely death symbolizes the ultimate price all men pay who do not fear tyranny. Democrats we’re destroying our country through a greedy and evil system of slavery.

  • Support him #teamlincoln

    He was a good man with a kind heart. He was completely opposed to slavery and tried his best to end it. Abraham Lincoln was a great leader and wanted peace and equality for the United States. He was assassinated by a man who clearly didn’t support the way he ran his country

  • Hero and Tyrant

    Mr. Lincoln didn't engage in the war over slavery. (Though many of the States cited slavery as the reason to cede from the Union). Mr. Lincoln engaged in the civil war because the concept of secession (which was open then and actually an open question now) was not a thing he was going to simply give away. Now in doing so, he maintained the nation that would lead to incredible advances in the world order.

  • A true tyrant

    I am shocked at how many people are completely ignoring the continous constitution violations and war crimes committed by Abraham Lincoln. Stop with the bullcrap about slavery and start thinking American. And how un-American Lincoln was. He kept violating the 1st,2nd,and 5th Amendments, he stole thousands of innocent lives, stole land, property(not-including slaves because people are not property) and destroyed families. He arrested anyone who didn't agree with him, he declared war illegally (that kind of power lies with congress not the president) suspended habeous corpus (1st amendment violation) stole people's firearms(2nd amendment violation and had people's homes ransacked without warrants (5th Amendment violation) I don't care if you think any of it was necessary, it is still rights violations and that is inexcusable. He deserved to get shot

  • Pretty much sucked

    Lincoln started the War. Even thought the Union supporters didn't want war, He thought his nation was to important to lose. He declared war on The seven Confederate states then lost four more because he declared war and almost Maryland. He didn't care about slavery and wasn't an abolitionist. He wasn't a traitor, he took the lives of millons for his nation. He didn't free his slaves and that wasn't his mission either. Lincoln Didn't give the South Peace, He didn't Want peace he wanted war.

  • 10 million lives lost.

    We are taught that Lincoln was a hero. Well, the North won the war (barely) so what do you expect? Wait a minute, wasn't the death toll only 620,000? The greatest loss of life of all American of all our wars combined? One man in 4 a casualty for the South, one in 10 for the North. Only 620,000? ... You've been reading history books. History books don't count collateral damage, don't count death from privation off the field or in the civilian population. Don't count the families and prodigy that would have been. But didn't Lincoln free the slaves? That wasn't Lincoln's intention at the beginning of the war. It was only a fig leaf for the war after Lincoln realized the save-the-union idea wasn't enough to justify the terrible casualties. Besides, slavery ended everywhere in the world in the following decades mostly by peaceful means anyway and without costing the lives of millions of people. If the American people who lived through the Civil War knew ahead of time what they were in for, someone would have shot Lincoln before the war started.

  • Who really knows?

    None of us were alive back then and knew him personally, none of us would know his intentions and interations with fellow politicians. Some say he was a hero, some say he only freed the slaves to remain president and actually personally wanted the slaves to remain so and him being hailed a hero is propaganda. Either is possible since history can be saved but also be altered throughout the years like the game Chinese whispers. Just let Abraham Lincoln be known as a former president of the U.S.A who made the right decision.

  • Traitor in every sense of the word.

    Lincoln not only did more damage to the us constitution than any other president, he destroyed the republic built by Washington & Jefferson. He set the precedent for later tyrants (like Wilson & FDR) for creating the massive socialist federal system we suffer under today. Lincoln also created the IRS & the nation's first income tax, a form of slavery. Lincoln's war crimes could fill several books.

  • Traitor in every sense of the word.

    Lincoln not only did more damage to the us constitution than any other president, he destroyed the republic built by Washington & Jefferson. He set the precedent for later tyrants (like Wilson & FDR) for creating the massive socialist federal system we suffer under today. Lincoln also created the IRS & the nation's first income tax, a form of slavery. Lincoln's war crimes could fill several books.

  • In no sense of the word was Lincoln a hero, unless you class white supremacists and criminals as heros.

    It is well documented in Lincoln's own private writings that he hated blacks and wanted them to be sent elsewhere (he suggested Haiti among other places). He forced the start of the Civil War, after the southern states had seceded peacefully, by refusing to remove US troops occupying South Carolina's sovereign territory, even after there were court orders for their eviction. When they were lawfully forcibly evicted, he used it as an excuse, calling it an insurrection, which was the only constitutional validation for turning the army loose on the population. He is directly and personally responsible for over 600,000 deaths, making him possibly the greatest mass murderer in history. The emancipation proclamation was only made after more than two years of war, and even then it was strictly a punitive measure against the South. Dr. Thomas J. Lorenzo, a distinguished professor of Loyola University, has documented all of this in several books that were impeccably researched. Lincoln is definitely NOT a hero.

  • Did NOT create the war for slavery.

    He created the war for keeping the union together. He even said that in one of his speeches. It actually was perfectly legal for the US to split apart, but Abraham said "no". He also WAS racist. Don't believe me? Look it up. One of his speeches says that he believes that whites should be superior to blacks. They don't teach you this in school, but they only show you his only speech that was famous, which was the Gettysburg address.

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