Do you think accusations of taking PEDS will cause Peyton Manning and other pros accused to retire early from the NFL?

  • Yes, PED use will cause early retirement.

    PEDS, or performance-enhancing drugs will very likely cause early NFL retirements. Not only are those players accused of using performance-enhancing drugs embarrassed of the allegations, but also, if they really are utilizing PEDS they suffer from health repercussions. PEDS are typically steroids, and they are detrimental to athletes' physical health.

  • If it is proven then yes.

    Things like this always cause repercussions. If he thinks it will be proven he will retire before he is forced out. It's sad to see, but he shouldn't have made that choice. Grown adults need to take responsibility for their actions, and if he is even a little bit honorable he will.

  • Nobody cares about accusations

    Accusations are meaningless in professional sport. Without conclusive proof they fans will not care in the slightest. The sad fact is performance enhancing drugs are everywhere in sports. Those unfortunate enough to get caught are unfairly crucified by the media as villains doing something dishonest that no other sports professional does. Look at Lance Armstrong, the man was a Patsy, the other 30 people that finished behind him the Tour de France were also on drugs. Rafael Nadal is on drugs, when WADA requested the blood samples for Spanish tennis players so they could test them a Spanish judge ordered for them to be disposed. Clearly a cover up and now I assume Rafael Nadal will not be caught and his positive reputation will remain intact despite the fact he is an obvious drug cheat. Jamaica has comically lax drug testing. Prior to the Beijing Olympics 2008 Usain Bolt was never drug tested out of season (which is when athletes do their drug cycles) even once they changed this the Jamaican drug authorities were criticized in 2013 for only doing random drug tests on two of their low level athletes.

    Peyton Manning won't be affected by these allegations. The allegations also only claim he used HGH to rehab from injury and not as a performance enhance.

  • No, accusations have no affect

    Accusations about using PEDs will not force pro NFL players to retire early. Players like PEyton Manning have already beat the odds by sustaining a career of more than 5 years in the league, and at his age whenever he retires will be well past the average player's career life.

  • Unproven PED allegations won't affect NFL pros

    Accusations of performance-enhancing drug use won't cause Peyton Manning and other NFL players to retire early from the NFL. An Al Jazeera documentary alleges that Manning got performance-enhancing drugs and 2011 from the Guyer Institute in Indainapolis. However, the documentary relies on one person's allegations, which are unsupported by further evidence. Moreover, Manning never failed a drug test during the year in question.

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