Do you think adolescents really mean what they say when they say, " I hate everyone."

Asked by: 66Piez
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  • Teenagers are confused about feelings

    Teenagers get mood swings so end up with a tendency to say random stuff which they don't mean. They probably mean everyone who isn't their boyfriend/ girlfriend or their best mate or their pet dog. We all fall out with people and have screamed "I hate everyone including myself" and very often it is the truth.

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Valkrin says2015-01-14T22:19:01.807
Uh, no offense, but what's yes and what's no supposed to be? This seems a lot better as a poll than a yes/no opinion
66Piez says2015-01-15T21:27:47.297
Yeah, I didn't really think this through, but mistakes happen oh well.