Do you think Adolf Hitler erred when he thought the Jewish people are a race?

  • Yet another thing Hitler got wrong.

    Is it possible that a man who authorized the murders of millions of Jews and others in death camps might have gotten a few facts wrong? Well, duh. I don't see the Jewish people as a race. You can convert to Judaism. It's not like you can convert to being Asian or African.

  • Yes, I think he was wrong.

    I think of the Jewish people as a tribe that has a long history, but not as a race of people. A race has certain physically defining characteristics that all members hold in common, and the characteristics , Jewish people hold in common typically would be described as Caucasian and European. Hitler was wrong about them, in exactly the same way that he thought that the Germans with blond hair and blue eyes were a superior race.

  • I Think So

    I believe Adolf Hitler did err when he considered the Jewish people to be a race. Judaism is a religion and while the religion has roots in a particular race, it encompasses many more people. I believe Hitler was just as concerned with eliminating people of a certain look and maybe his definition wasn't correct, but it was good enough for him.

  • Yes, I think Hitler errored when he thought of Jewish people as a race.

    I don't consider Jewish people to be of one race, the Jewish religion is made up of many different nationalities and races in general so when Hitler put them all together as one it was very short sighted and showed just how much hatred and irrational he was when in power.

  • Hitler wasn't a racist

    His hatred was against the religion. And against Lutheranism. So no I don't believe yes is the answer to this question because it's obvious. Hitler, like Mussolini represented a threat to the mostly Germanic Northern European powers -- such as Britain and Denmark. So no he didn't think of Jews as a race. Anyone (though it's mostly white Northern Europeans) can be a Jew.

  • No, Adolf Hitler didn't erred when he thought the Jewish people were a race.

    I do not think that Adolf Hitler erred when he thought of the Jewish people as a race. I think that it didn't matter whether they were a race or not to him. I think all that mattered was he wanted to get rid of them as a group of people.

  • He was right.

    Religion is a set of ideas a person is willing to belief and act based upon those ideas. Adolf Hiltler had nothing against the jewish faith, rather the fact that jews as an ethnic group were "biologically inferior".
    And quite frankly, as a jew I can tell u he was right: we hare less "fit" than our Caucasian counterparts.

  • No,he wasn't wrong.

    Jews are in fact a race. If being jewish was about religion and not race, then atheist jews couldn't be considered jews.Yet,atheist jews are still considered jews. There are also jews that are christian,some that are muslims, others that are deist. The fact that jew can be any religion (or an atheist) and still be jewish shows that it has nothing to do with religion. Furthermore, DNA test can determine if someone has jewish ancestry.If jewishness was just about religion, then a DNA test wouldn't be able to determine if someone is jewish.

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