• To a certain degree

    The ads from the past Super Bowl were children friendly to a certain degree. However, it always depends on who exactly you ask. Certain groups may deem that the ads are not friendly for children at all but, others may see different. It always comes down to the parents on what there children will watch.

  • I liked the Goldieblocks ad.

    Yes, I think advertising during this past Super Bowl was child-friendly, because there were not many ads that were not child friendly. Some of the ads were aimed directly at children, for example the Goldie Blocks ad. Advertisers know that it is a family show, and they do not want to offend parents with inappropriate commercials.

  • Super bowl ads child friendly

    The way I see it, is if a child doesn't quite catch on or understand a message in a commercial, then no harm no fowl. It happens in children movies constantly and advertisers are no spring chicken when it comes to ads and incorporating adult themes even in child or g rated content. Remember Shrek anyone? Kids movies are filled with adult like content that children don't quite understand. The Super bowl ads, although some, adult like in content, lost their offensiveness by not being so bold that a child understood or caught on to something inappropriate for their ages. I saw several ads that me and my husband looked at each other and thought Wow, but the kids in the room never batted an eye.

  • Too Many Beer Commercials

    As with any Super Bowl, there are too many beer commercials. The advertising during this year's contest wasn't kid-friendly because apparently Budweiser tried to sell alcohol by having a cute puppy interact with Clydesdales. Plus there were a lot of car commercials that weren't geared for kids. The Super Bowl has ads for adults simply because it is the adults who have money, not their children.

  • No, but why should it have been?

    No, I do not think a lot of the advertising during the last Super Bowl was "children-friendly". But my next question is, "why should it have been?". I don't see the Super Bowl as children's entertainment. I believe the advertising during Super Bowl is, and should be aimed at adults. I don't see children even sitting through the Super Bowl.

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