• Yes, it is

    I do think age is important in relationships. One reason is because you start to realize your own mortality and the mortality of the person you are with and how important they are to you. Time is precious. Another reason why is because as you age, you know what you want more and more.

  • Too much of a gap doesn't work.

    Yes, I think that age is important in a relationship, because if a person is really old they do not have anything in common with a younger person. Also, if they age at different rates, the younger person will want to keep going while the older person will want to settle down.

  • Age is not important

    You should never worry about age difference as long as you are of age and if you aren't then you shouldn't be having a sexual relationship but other wise don't worry about it. If you love that person then you should be with that person unless they don't love you back then don't waste you're time on them because they mean nothing.

  • Age is not important in relationships

    It is my opinion that age is not very important in relationships. I feel that as long as both people involved in the relationship are legally allowed to be with each other than they can be very far apart in years and still be happily in a relationship with one another.

  • No, age is not important in relationships.

    I do not think that age is important in relationships. I think that age is just a number. I think that people can overcome something like age if two individuals are mature enough to want to listen to each other. A relationship depends more on two people willing to make sure it works.

  • No, I don't think age is important in relationships.

    I think that as long as both people in the relationship care for one another then it does not matter how large the age gap is, If the age gap does not bother the couple and they can have a healthy relationship then I think society should accept that as normal.

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