• Where there's hope, there's a way

    For the past several decades, since its original discovery and inception, doctors and scientists have worked tirelessly to find a cure for AIDs and are often limited and pushed back thanks to the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry. Right now, people are figuring out slowly but surely ways to prevent the virus and soon a cure will be in reach.

  • We are getting close.

    Yes, I think that AIDS will be eradicated someday, because the science is already getting close. It will probably be more likely that there will be an AIDS vaccine, than it is that there will be a cure, because it appears to be very hard to cure and treat once it is caught. But we will crack the code and cure AIDS.

  • I do think AIDS will be eradicated someday.

    I do think AIDS will be eradicated someday.With all the awareness and new drugs that are coming out untill AIDS will be wiped out.It will just be a matter of time before the efforts of all the good people out there will pay off and the disease of AIDS will no longer be a thy
    threat to the people of the world.

  • AIDS yes, but not HIV.

    Someday being several centuries into the future, yes. I think at some point we will come up with a way to prevent HIV from causing AIDS. But I don't think that we'll ever eradicate HIV, but will instead continue to come up with better and effective ways of managing it.

  • Cures Are Not Forever

    AIDS is a serious virus that destroys the human immune system and, like all viruses, has the potential to mutate and adapt in order to defend itself. With that in mind, can you eradicate something that powerful that can learn, adapt, and defend or can you learn to combat it when it comes into conflict with a person's body instead? The fact is that all viruses that have existed will always exist in some form just like all life forms, even those that are extinct still have living relatives on earth right now. Species strong enough to survive the harshness of earth and presence of man are formidable creatures and those like viruses that continue to threaten the dominant species on earth are all the more daunting. While we will have (and have already seen successes in) a cure for AIDS in the near future, we will not have an eradication. Think about the other viruses encountered that have devastated our world; poliomyelitis, small pox, and influenza. We have inoculations and vaccines as well as effective treatments for the symptoms and complications, but no eradication of them no matter how far we advance in medicine. Is that a death sentence for mankind? Only some of us, but that is part of living in a world that has a vast and complex web of life. If an entire species could be eradicated then apes could face that kind of issue as well, and we all know what that would mean for humans!

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