Do you think Al Franken has a right to be concerned about Google Glass and its facial recognition app?

  • Privacy Issues are Obvious

    Al Franken is right to bring up Google's possible invasion of privacy. Imagine someone coming up to you on the streets of New York City knowing your name, birthdate and other personal information because of the Internet giant's technology. Facial recognition technology is great for security purposes, but it can also lead to privacy concerns if the wrong people abuse the technology. With recent allegations of NSA's electronic monitoring, Franken should be worried about what Google is up to.

  • Yes he does.

    I think that Al Franken does have a right to be concerned about Google Glass and its facial recognition because people do not always enjoy having their personal information displayed and while it may seem like a stretch it can lead to a lot of law suits and stalkers and other issues this world is not ready for.

  • It is more intrusion.

    Yes, Al Franked has a right to be concerned about Google Glass and its facial recognition app, because the app has a lot of concern for invasion of privacy. Especially with reports that Google gives information to the federal government, and that the owners of Google are friends with Obama, it is reasonable to be concerned that the technology might be used for the wrong purposes.

  • No, Al Franken should not be concerned about Google Glass or it's facial recognition app.

    Al Franken has reacted to what he perceives as a threat to peoples private information. Google's facial recognition app is not the threat he thinks it is. When the user selects a face, the app searches thousands of Internet files and gleans information from records that currently exist on the Internet. The Internet has a wealth of information on everyone of us that is not private. In fact, most of our information is displayed by ourselves on at least one social web site if not more. Al Franken does not appear to completely understand the app.

  • Franken got this wrong.

    Although I tend to admire Al Franken, and I would vote for him if I lived in his district, I think he's off the mark when it comes to Google Glass. He belongs to an older generation which tends to be fearful of technology, and not fully understanding advanced forms of it. You can't fix him, but can merely humor him.

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