• Yes, Al Franken's book is based in fact

    Al Franken's bestselling book, Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them is based largely in facts and research, so I would consider it accurate. Though it is presented with an obvious political slant and agenda, the book overall is accurate and exposes quite a bit of important information for the American people.

  • Al Franken rarely embellishes. That is the scary story.

    Al Franken's book about the Lying Liars is mostly accurate. He does have certain points that have obvious omissions about the whole story, but it is just one book. His book covers a wide array of topics that will introduce the reader to American corruption at its finest. It is up to the reader to do his or her own research beyond the book to gather the whole situation of any given depiction.

  • There are Liars All Over Right-Wing Politics

    Al Franken's book about liars is a tongue-in-cheek book about modern right-wing politics. What's not so funny is that he's actually correct in that most, if not all, conservative politicians are liars who do anything to get elected. How can George W. Bush get the Christian Coalition on board for his election with anti-abortion stances, yet he sends troops into Iraq to commit murder of innocent civilians? Isn't one of the Ten Commandments about not killing another human being? How is that a Christian ideal? Franken's take on Fox News is a riot, but also true.

  • He's the liar.

    No, I do not think that Al Franken's bestselling book about liars is accurate, because Al Franken has some problems with the truth. It can be said that Al Franken did not even deserve his seat in the Senate, because the results of the vote that put him into office was certified under less than truthful conditions. Al Franken says whatever he thinks will get him ahead.

  • It's Full Of Bias

    I do not believe Al Franken's bestselling book about liars is accurate because it contains bias just the same as those he accuses. I don't understand why people feel the need to answer a problem by promoting and propagating it, but it would seem Al Franken's book does just that.

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