• Yes They Are

    I believe there is more than sufficient evidence that Al Qaeda is a terrorist group. They have claimed responsibility for several of their own attacks. I don't think questioning their status makes a difference, they're clearly dangerous to people and they clearly try to attrack members who are willing to kill others.

  • Yes, they are

    I do not understand how this is even a debate, at all. There is no reason to ask this question. They are obviously a terrorist organization. These are the people who masterminded bombings all over the world, and flew jets into sky scrapers in New York. The US and West aren't perfect, but to ask this is insane.

  • Yes, it was founded by Osama Bin Laden.

    Yes, I think Al Qaeda is most certainly a terrorist group. Al Qaeda was started by Osama bin Laden. Based on Osama bin Laden's terrorism campaign, I believe Al Qaeda would be either a terrorist group or responsible for the training and funding of terrorists. There is also the fact that they have been labeled as terrorists by the media.

  • Uhm, September 11?

    Yes, I think that Al Qaeda is a terrorist group, because that is the whole reason that they exist. Al Qadeda is the group that took responsibility for the largest terrorist attack in history - the attack on Americans on September 11. That is the definition of a terrorist group.

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