Do you think Albert Einstein deserved his Nobel Prize?

  • A great scientist

    As a science major myself, I definately agree that Albert Einstein deserved every bit of his Nobel Prize. His work is unmatched, and he is by far one of the greatest scientists that ever stepped foot on this planet. He found results that most scientists could not begin to find.

  • Albert Einstein deserved his Nobel Prize.

    Albert Einstein was an exemplary physicist and he deserved his Nobel Prize. His discovery of the photo-electric effect was a major advance in science. Einstein had many other discoveries which helped to solidify his reputation as an emminent scientist. Einstein was a great man and he deserved to win the prize.

  • Yes he did.

    Albert Einstein deserved his Nobel Prize because he was in every sense of the word a genius and was very smart well beyond his time. He was capable of coming up with new devices creating amazing theories and doing things this world had thought impossible. He opened up a world of possibilities.

  • He was brilliant

    A Nobel Prize? Einstein deserved several, and only received one because several of his theories were not truly proven until later in his life. Theory of relativity? Didn't get a prize for it. Curve spacetime? Expanding universe constant? Never received recognition for them. Only for the photo electric effect did he get anything.

  • Albert Einstein deserved his Nobel Prize.

    Albert Einstein deserved his Nobel Prize. He was a great physicist and discovered the general theory of relativity. Everybody knows that when you are talking about the formula E = mc2 then you are talking about the great Albert Einstein. It is known as the most famous equation in the world.

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