• Yes and no.

    I think there is a lot of factors in play when it comes to those of us who are addicted to alcohol. I think it is partially a mental disease as people who are weak of mind can not resist it and give in time and time again but after a while it becomes part of their body and system.

  • So many things are

    Alcoholism is a chemical and psychological dependency like so many other things in the world, and people seriously suffer from it throughout their lives. Still, other try and argue that its a disease that can be cured like other diseases, something that is obviously not true, as it behaves like a mental disease.

  • For The Most Part

    I believe alcoholism is a mental disease. Being married to an alcoholic for about three years I experienced his highs and lows before the problem eventually took his life. There was little control on his part to stop it, even though there were times when he seemed to want to. Therefore I believe it is a mental disease that grips the patient, possibly for the rest of their life.

  • It's physical and mental.

    Alcoholism is one of those diseases that drives lay people crazy because it's not entirely physical or mental. It has components of both aspects of illness, and each require attention in order to overcome its debilitating effects. It also requires a certain amount of willpower on the part of the patient, which further confounds some.

  • Alcoholism is not a mental disease.

    Alcoholism is not a mental disease. People have different reasons for drinking and sometimes they get addicted to the substance just like any other drug out there. I think it is not a mental disease but something that they choose to do. I think they do not want to be dependent on it.

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