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  • Of course not, it hurts the alcoholic and their family.

    Alcoholism ruins the life of whoever suffers from it, and furthermore, it affects the life of that person's family and friends. In fact, I'd say it's a condition that has more victims than most. An alcoholic has severe behavior and control problems that can cause them to lash out at anyone, both family/friends and complete strangers. They might kill someone while drunk driving as well. Unlike other diseases that can be kept private, I think alcoholism is hard to keep to yourself and quite often hurts more than one person.

  • It ruins lives

    No, I do not think that alcoholism is a victimless disease, and I do not think that most people realize the dangers that alcohol will do to their bodies. Over time, a lot of alcohol is going to affect organs in your body, as well as disrupt your day to day life.

  • There are many victims of alcoholism

    Alcoholism is not a victimless disease. Both drinkers and their family and friends are victims of alcoholism. This disease ruins the body, the soul, and the mind. Further, since alcoholics frequently have loved ones, their behavior can affect them deeply. Physical and mental abuse, lack of comprehension when drunk, and spending too much money on alcohol can all destroy victims' lives.

  • Has many victims

    It has many victims if the people are violent or otherwise negligent. Alcoholism, on its own, is not harmful to all but the person itself, but, at the same time, how often is it in a vacuum? People have families, wives that take their anger, children who are traumatized, and victims on the road.

  • Alcoholics Beat Their Wives, Children

    Alcoholism isn't a victimless disease. Alcoholics beat their women and children. They drive the family finances into the ground simply to try to forget their pain. Alcoholics are horribly addicted people who sometimes don't know any better when it comes to domestic violence. Having seen alcoholics on both sides of my family, there is no way alcoholism is a victimless disease.

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