• Yes, Alfred Hitchcock has a unique sense of humor

    Alfred Hitchcock has directed many movies, and the reason I think he has a funny side is that he always inserts himself into one scene of the films that he directs. For example, in the movie North by Northwest, when Carrie Grant sits down on the bus, she sits down next to Alfred Hitchcock

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Humor

    Alfred Hitchcock's humor is one that may allude many in his audience. His use of suspense and his pioneering of the psychological thriller genre may seem to leave him out of the comic. However, his subtle use of irony and hints of humor give weight to the argument that Alfred Hitchcock had a funny side.

  • We all do.

    It's called a sense of humor. We all have one. I can't speak to the quality of his, but I know he had one. If he didn't he would not be human. Did it show in his work? If that's your question you should probably rephrase it so it is more specific.

  • Comedy Within Horror

    Alfred Hitchcock certainly had a funny side. Most horror writers do. Things that scare us must be accessed with some humour, otherwise they we are left with just the fear. In Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, the main characters get into many a witty ad hilarious argument even though the surrounding scenario is terrifying.

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