• Yes, Alibaba looks to pull off the biggest tech IPO

    With its presence in one of the two largest tech economies, and investments into the mobile market, Alibaba is certainly capable of pulling off the biggest tech IPO of all time. Institutional investors, like Yahoo!, are leading the charge along with Wall Street money managers. Well positioned as a fore-runner in their home market of China will help secure the backing of brokers and investors alike. The question remains: how big will the burst be after opening?

  • I think it could

    There is always that possibility, that it will have the biggest IPO of all time. There is also the possibility of a flop, or that everyone has way over-estimated what the IPO might be. We can not truly say anything finite until this thing actually happens and it is all done and over with.

  • No. I do not think Alibabi will have the biggest IPO of all time.

    Alibabi have done a lot of things right and have risen to the top in Silicone valley but it falls short in a lot of areas which will inhibit it from growing to the biggest IPO. It's behind in the mobile world which is where most of our lives are headed. until they catch up in that respect, they won't be the biggest IPO.

  • Like Facebook, Alibabi Is Overhyped To Sustain Projections

    Right now, the largest driving force behind early fervor to get in on Alibabi's IPO is the hype surrounding the offering. Once the IPO actually hits, I believe that the initial launch, interest will wan as it did with Facebook and the in long-term Alibabi will settle into an average--at best--tech stock.

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