Do you think all Covid lockdown rules will be lifted by 2021?

  • More people are immune than we initially thought

    New york has already nearly reached herd immunity, Similarly with many other hard hit areas, As you can see their death rates drastically going down. It is a similar case in sweden.

    Beyond that, People are not willing to put up with the clear economic, And sanity reducing consequences any longer. The suicides WILL outweigh any possibly saved lives from the, Initial, Over the top lockdown. Mark my words for when suicide data is released for this year.

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  • Yes because of vaccines

    Vaccines should be ready by then. There will be enough produced for millions to take them.
    In america there are people who are anti vax but with enough people vaccinated it will not even matter.
    Countries will have learned to better respond and to prevent this from happening again. Unless a mutated strain that is more deadly is born in America then all hope is lost.

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  • Its to get trump out of office.

    There have been way deadlier diseases that have happened in the past. In 2009, 55 million died. But none have got a response like this. Its to make Trump look bad so he will not get re-elected. Corona is spread by person to person contact. So Is basically every other disease.

  • No but they should

    I don't trust the people making decisions. Covid lock down rules should have already beeen lifted. The tests have such a high rate of false positives that as long as people are dying there will be "covid deaths", And people don't just stop dying. 2021, Like all years starts in winter. Winter is when things are the most scary. And the rules only exist because panic.

  • A disease doesn't end like a year

    A diesease is never ending, Even if it finishes there will be many people out there who werent affected yet and they will soon be affected, The people already affected will have protection already but people won't affected can be affected anytime
    the lockdown rules will not be lifted by 2021 as the pandemic has no chances of ending soon

  • It is a Pandemic!

    The disease is widespread though out the world and it will not go away within few months. Even though many scientists have found a cure it takes time for each an every individual in the world to get that. And people should be able to afford it, Or else the government should be able to give it free. I don't think all of that can be achieved within the rest of the months we have left in this year. So these lock down rules, So called new normal will be kept as it is and will not be lifted in the coming year.

  • COVID doesn't have a schedule

    There are so many people out here waiting for 2021 like the virus is going to peace out on New Years. On top of that, The numbers are still in the hundred thousands, And many people are refusing to stay safe. Even if a vaccine is developed, Internalized xenophobia and anti-vaxx ideologies from various citizens in the world could lead to people refusing it, Causing the virus to spread further. Not only that, But a few world leaders are denying the severity of the virus and promoting false cures (I know we all like to point fingers at Trump but there are other countries with similar problems). The point is, The world is in too much of a chaotic state to safely recover.

  • Too many agendas

    We all can see how some "agendas" are being pushed by the pandemic. People paying with cards, Cellphones, Smartwatches and buy online more than ever. This is great for a boost of the cashless society.
    The vaccine, If well made, Can also push some agendas forward. Don't worry, Your health is safe. Take the vaccine, No worries. But some genes could use a tweak. Some birth control might be useful.
    We´ll get the immunity for this soon enough, But crisis are opportunity, Why waste them?

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