Do you think all media and news are devoted to a faction, like Fox is pro-conservative and CNN is pro-liberal?

Asked by: Haxis288
  • What Happened to the Free Press

    There was a time in the US when we depended on the press to find out the truth about issues. That time is gone. Once big corporations bought out the media, we stopped being able to rely on anything we see or hear in the press. Things are definitely slanted one way or the other, and true investigative journalism has been squashed. Since money is the true god, and power worshipped in the United States some very small groups of very rich people, influence everything we see and hear. Years ago we used to say of the USSR, that the citizens never got the real truth, and that was just a terrible result of Communism. Well, now that we are ruled by the rich, do you think they really want to talk about truth? Free Press is dead as a doornail.

  • The public makes it a fiscal necessity

    It's not really a choice for news outlets to remain somewhat unbiased and not buy into sensationalism. If they don't, they lose viewers, and then they lose relevance. The result is news aggregators such as FOX or CNN taking sides on issues that they should not or else they end up with the same roles as NPR or C-SPAN which, while quality and unbiased do not make money for they are privately run public services. So I guess I have to vote yes because I simply see that the extreme majority of media that most people listen to are biased and do take political sides. In the end, it's all just business.

  • For the most part

    For the most part, they all do have a slight bias. I don't actually consider FOX or CNN to be as bad as some say they do. FOX and CNN are actually some of the better stations (still not good, but definitely no the worse). I would actually consider MSNBC to be the worst. Another bad one is Glenn Beck's "The Blaze". There are others I could mention, but I do believe most every news station does have at least a slight bias. For FOX, they're more conservative (take it from someone who has actually watched FOX, they're definitely not the worst) and CNN, slightly more Liberal (take out Piers Morgan and it's actually pretty decent). But past those two, its pretty bad.

  • I Cannot Find Unbiased Media

    I cannot find unbiased media, anymore. Even those who try to take the middle-of-the-road, like MSNBC, fall back into biased reporting. If anyone truly knows of an unbiased media option, in print or otherwise, I'd love to know what it is. Even NPR, in the last 2 years, has become increasingly more biased ... In reporting, opinion, etc.

  • Fox is Fair.

    A Pew Research study found that Fox News is far more fair and balanced than you think it would be. MSNBC is an extremely biased news channel. CNN is not really that liberal. You can't really say that news organizations have factions to the exception MSNBC. CNN and Fox aren't really in a faction. Al Gore's liberal news network Current TV was the worst. Luckily, it didn't get many viewers.

  • ROFL you're all nuts.

    Gah you guys are crazy! There are networks that are CLEARLY liberal but there are no networks that are CLEARLY conservative. Have you ever thought maybe, that the public might actually be somewhat conservative and liberal at the same time? The public is displayed as polarized by the media, but the truth is most people want the same kinds of things. Have you seen the comparison of ideological platforms that Romney and Obama ran on? -_- The truth is that Fox is the least biased network I know of. There is a REASON that the majority of their newscasts are about questioning liberal agendas. That reason is because the other news networks refuse to talk about them the way they should be. Now, there are a few Fox programs with hosts that I don't particularly like. Oreilly is kind of a hypocrite and I didn't especially like Glenn Beck either, but that is beside the fact. Sort of.

  • Fox News Is Fair & Balanced

    Fox News has Conservative and Libertarian anchors with Liberal contributors. MSNBC is the White House mouth piece funded by the government and Bill Gates. CNN has been on the CIA payroll for several decades and an active part of Operation Mockingbird.

    All media is the Liberal media except Fox News, the news station subpoenad by Attorney General Eric Holder of the Justice Department.

  • Strong Media Sources

    There are terrific media sources that truly provide news from a neutral perspective. The most reliable are the Financial Times, The Guardian and Christian Science Monitor. These are three terrific sources that have it built into their DNA to be a reliable, neutral source of news. If you are surprised by CSM being on this short list, take a look at their history, which goes back decades. Their very reason for being was to be a neutral news source because of two very skewed news sources, similar to Fox.

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